The Devil Makes A Billable Appearance

the devil wants to really bring me down.
i have a moment where things are calm,
but then all hell breaks loose.
so i wanted to get a physical to make sure i was good.
the last job i was at told me i was covered until the end of the month.
well i get a letter just now from the lab work…

i wasn’t covered when i went to the doctor.
when i went to the office,
they asked me randomly  if i had another card.
i told them that i didn’t.
if it said i didn’t have health insurance,
why did they even allow the blood work to happen?
that last job,
the one after the first hell,
was the bane of my existence.
nothing good came out of it.
i’m trying to find something,
but all it did was bring me a bill that i can’t afford.
i don’t even have the money to pay an 800 dollar bill right now.
all the tests,
according to the blood work,
came back negative.

lowkey: i was having a calm moment too.
the window got fixed.
my computer also was fixed.
now i have a 800 bill.
i wish that letter was a april fool’s joke.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “The Devil Makes A Billable Appearance”

  1. That is an expensive bill. I could not imagine. Yea, you definitely need to try to work something out with them.

  2. You also can negotiate to pay it down. Offer $200 to the debt collector and they will take it and go away. let it go. don’t stress.

  3. What will more than likely happen is if you don’t pay it, the company that billed you will sell the debt to a collector and at that point you can dispute it should they add it to your credit report. It’s totally legal and it’ll fall right off. I do it all the time.

  4. Actually Jamari, this thing happen to me all the time. My insurance company seem to not have the specialist address on file making it hard for them to post the bill is paid. I think this could be your situation and I would talk to your provider about the issue at hand. Also the BK Brandon Banner is driving me NUTTS. That chest and drooping nipple got me fennin

  5. See if it even gets reported to the credit bureaus. I thought that medical bills and procedures cannot be put on credit reports? Can someone in the foxhole back me up or correct me? Do your research on it before you get too bummed out about it.

    1. @Fashionandsvedka

      I don’t know about medical procedures but I recently found a $77 charge for an emergency room visit on my credit report that I wasn’t aware of. I visited the ER years ago with an extremely sore throat. I was checked out and given antibiotics. Apparently my medical insurance covered everything except the out of network ER visit, so it was billed to me and sent to an outdated address. I took care of the charge and it was subsequently removed but it angered me because I was shopping for a new auto lease when I discovered the hit on my credit report.

      But again, I’m not entirely sure if “medical procedures” are sent to your credit report, but Emergency Room visits and Ambulance services are definitely handled by collection agencies and sent to your credit reports.

  6. J, just charge this shit to the game. I had a similar experience with my former job and I was supposed to be fully covered. I needed to have a preventative procedure. I went for the initial appointment were the specialist told me to take my shirt off and he rubbed my stomach. He did not draw any blood, do any other examinations. He told me to schedule the appointment and to bring $1400 for my co pay. This was in 2010 and like one of my favorite Prince songs- he is still waiting for me to come back for the appointment with my co-pay. I chunk him to the deuces and kept it moving. Do you know this Petty MF sent me a bill for $200 for not having the procedure done and I was told that it was not covered on my supposedly fully covered insurance policy. I said”F” him and that insurance. The $200 is still on my credit report, but it has not stop me from getting anything, so I am not worried. I can easily pay the $200 but it is just the principal of the thing. I continue to write letters disputing the charge, every year so we go back and forth, it may actually fall off this year as its been 7 years now. Continue to pay your bills timely and let them just get the money when they can if you choose to pay them or just send them $5 a month. Dont let nobody take your joy right now especially this BS.

    1. ^thanks t.
      i’m trying to not go to a bad place and give it power.
      it’s hard tho when you don’t have the money,
      plus i think of that job and how they played me.
      i may have to let it go on my credit report because i cannot afford it right now.

  7. That’s str8 medical thievery right there…it does not cost that much by a long shot without ridic upcharges…damn shame!

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