Marvin Bienaime (Photo) Shoots Jonathan Henderson

i would love marvin bienaime’s job at his agency.
i have sexy wolves send in selfies to shoot their shot
i mean,
i shoot them for a good shot.
that’s it.
so marvin bienaime just shot ^that wolf,
jonathan henderson,
who won his “best selfie challenge” this week…

hello jonathan…
how are you?
so after he gets to marvin,
jonathan has something to say

he has nice voice,
but he seems uncomfortable.
almost unsure of himself.
i got that even more when marvin went to feed him:

why is your pose the same in the still shot of the video?

no offense to jonathan,
but he is a little boring.
he needs to study marvin’s last client,
“justus pickett”.
the replacement for donny savage.
he is charismatic and looks comfortable in front of the camera.
i don’t know if jonathan is trying to be model,
but he needs to work on his on camera skills.
let’s see the photo shoot pictures for review marvin.

lowkey: is marvin paying for these wolves to see him?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime (Photo) Shoots Jonathan Henderson

  1. Check out the guy,Aaron Campbell, he just posted on IG before and after pics. This guy drove from Kentucky.I believe Justus drove from North Carolina so I think they are funding their own trips.At least the initial trip.

  2. Well Justus booked a small part on Star, the Fox show, a couple of weeks after doing a shoot with Marvin.They contacted him after seeing the pics.Several of his models have booked tv shows, commercials, one will be in a Tupac and Biggie tv bio.Essence magazine is always featuring them so he seems to be an option for black male models who are often overlooked by mainstream modeling agencies.

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