what is happening in flordia?
nice beaches,
great weather,
sexy males,
and a shit ton of idiots.
to think,
i was supposed to live there.
my God said “NOPE”.
i feel like it’s an alternate dimension down there.
i see why bugs bunny decided to cut that shit off:

he was way ahead of his time.
florida doesn’t want ya’ll saying the word “gay” down there.
“don’t say gay” is the latest bill and desantis might be backing it…

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis voiced his support for a bill that would prohibit the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the state’s primary schools.

Asked by reporters at a Miami event Monday, he said it was “entirely inappropriate” for teachers to be having conversations with students about gender identity, citing instances of them telling children, “Don’t worry, don’t pick your gender yet,” and also “hiding” classroom lessons from parents.

“Schools need to be teaching kids to read, to write,” DeSantis said. “They need to teach them science, history. We need more civics and understanding of the U.S. Constitution, what makes our country unique, all those basic stuff.”

“The larger issue with all of this is parents must have a seat at the table when it comes to what’s going on in their schools,” he added.

Although DeSantis stopped short of committing to sign the bill into law, it was the first time the Republican governor signaled his support for the measure since it was proposed by the state’s House of Representatives last month.

Echoing DeSantis, proponents of the Parental Rights in Education bill — dubbed by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — argue that discussions about LGBTQ issues are “not age-appropriate” for students.

they don’t want ya’ll saying “coronavirus”,
and “death toll” down there either.

i believe parents should be alerted with these kinds of discussions.
some parents are ignorant,
but others want to have those discussions with their kids.
i feel the subject of sexuality,
and trans life are pretty heavy subjects for kids.
to not say the word “gay” tho is a little much.

They do know they are gay, trans, and “they/them” kids learning English and Math too,

these subjects are all over society,
social media,
and entertainment so…

lowkey: i hope gen x isn’t gonna be as bad as the boomers.
i don’t have hope.

article cc: nbc news

x read about texas trying to erase learning about race and slavery

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on ““DON’T SAY GAY” DOWN IN FLORIDA?”

  1. Kids have internet access way sooner than our generation did so do they not think these children won’t learn this on their own anyway. Gay 10 year old boys are most likely already following their favorite thirst traps on TikTok.

  2. Them: that’s too much for kids
    also them: cheers on folks like boosie for teaching/introducing their children to sexuality early.

  3. What’s crazy is, these kids know who they are, who they are attracted to, and who gets them sexually “motivated”. They don’t know how to read or write, how to count, how to do an essay or anything they are supposed to know because some of the schools are not teaching it. They are busy trying to be parents instead of teaching and when the kids don’t listen, then they want to get the parents involved. I do agree sexuality should be a parents call. Schools have no rights deciding what’s appropriate for somebody else’s kid. Teach them how to count, read, write, and give them history lessons. That’s what schools are supposed to do. Leave the sexuality to the parents and guardians.

  4. Ppl kill me talking about what’s too much for these bad ass kids, but all remember the obviously gay kids they used to tease in school for being gay. Now all of a sudden ‘it’s too much’…

    1. You stay stating facts, these kid already teasing the soft boys for being gay in elementary school but teachers can’t even tell those little kids struggling that they are not weird.?

  5. Pronouns and sexuality are introduced for folx through infancy so it’s never too early. Sounds like queer subjects are “too heavy”and comes off queerphobic. The idea that some material is okay for kids to digest yet others isn’t, reinforces how “taboo” queer identity, sexuality, and bodies are. That’s harmful further othering kids who may align with these identities. We gotta do better.

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