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Adult Content, Nudity, Sexual Situations

these days,
i’m not shocked that people do things for clout.
some things are purely accidental; other things get my side-eye.
rapping wolf,
isaiah rashad,
got his sex tape video leaked yesterday.
i was like:

i never heard of this person a day in my life.
i learned he is signed to tde and is an indie hip-hop artist.
( x read his bio here )
it seems he is into “male on male” action too…

this gave me a side-eye.

the last video looks like it would be an “outed” situation,
but the first one looks like he knew exactly what he was doing.

No DL male out here is gonna talk into a camera talking about his homey told him to pull up!
The homey is on his knees,
with the whole penis in his mouth.

i could be wrong,
but it just doesn’t make sense to me.
if he was outed,
shame on the outers.
i guess the positive is his straight peers are coming to his defense:

the support he is getting is pretty dope.
we seemed to have coming up to the halfway point of tolerance.

lowkey: the homophobic straights have some nerve.
all these murderers,
and rape apologists in hip-hop getting a nice bag and this is the issue.
i’ve stopped taking a majority of the straights seriously.


  1. Ok… I am gonna say something that is not popular. Alot of the men that are outing these DL men are the very DL men that they are getting sexual with! The love to blame the men that are living and trying to be comfortable in their truth. These guys treat the men they perform these sexual acts on just like they treat women! In their mind you are their bitch! On top of that what is this recording crap if you on the low??? You ain’t no pornstar! I just don’t get any of it.. Do I condone exposure? No, but if you don’t want the world to know “no face, no case”. Stop leaving evidence. This generation is determined to trick on themselves…..

  2. I do feel bad for him because I’m sure he did not want any of this out especially to come out during the rise of his career, It’s a shit situation to be pushed out of the closet by people especially within this toxic community that he is apart of.

    (I don’t personally know who he is this was my first introduction to the guy but I do feel bad for him)

  3. i’m still tryna understand why the twitter gays are so upset that he was getting sucked up by some whites. like the man just got outed and that’s all y’all care about? 😕

  4. Who dis man…..I truly believe it wasn’t a “LEAK”….it was put out there to see what the reaction would be… now that people are in support of him….he can now go on and live his authentic life…knowing people don’t really give a damn about who he’s DICKIN DOWN and who’s DICKIN HIM DOWN!!! Go In and Let Have….🥂🏳️‍🌈

  5. Also having to ask the google, ‘Harpo, who dis menz’, I was very glad to see that most of the stories were about the ppl coming out to support him.

    I def believe that was leaked, because eventho he is indie, he is still a masculine blk man w children in hip hop. Being gay is alrdy not exactly championed in that space, let alone the ppl SEEING you w a whole dick in your mouth.

    They say he’s struggled w addiction and his mental/emotional health, so I just hope this isn’t the type of thing that might push him over the edge.

  6. Never heard of this dude either and there is no way in hell this was leaked…GTFOH.

    BTW is this National Black Male “Leak” Week.

  7. Good to see he still has support no matter what he does behind closed door…and I told never heard of him either until yesterday.

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