Bippity, Boppity, Boi Pu$$y.

voodoowould you like the power to attract every man you are attracted to?
something like that ^wolf above.
i mean every single one that you have lusted after.
no chat sites.
no extra work.
anytime they lay their eyes on you,
or you on them,
they instantly want whatever you are having.
that would make you feel like a king, huh?
literally having all kinds of men wrapped around your finger.
well you can have all that if you start practicing voodoo.
cast an attraction spell on yourself and BOOM: insta-penis.
i mean,
isn’t that the premise of most disney movies?
cinderella wouldn’t have met her prince if it wasn’t for a fairy godmother.
she’d probably still be scrubbing toilets and shopping at conway.
what about pinocchio?
snow white?
and even sleeping beauty?
those movies taught us the magic of casting spells to get a man/better life.
so i started to wonder…

Does casting spells really work?

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I Have Voodoo In-Between My Butt Cheeks So Enter With Caution

we are so use to wolves fucking shit up.
i mean, this is a fox based blog so we do speak on their drama… a lot.
we are so use to them hurting us and making a mockery of the word “dating”.
yep you right.
some of them definitely do need to die.
but, what happens when a fox is the “bitch” in the story?
what if he collects broken hearts of unsuspecting wolves?
there are some foxes whose antics make wolves the way they are: the bitch.
imagine falling for someone you were actually feeling….
… who in return stomps all over your heart?
you let them in and they take advantage.
it ain’t easy.
i started to wonder…

Can a fox, turned jackal/hyena, turn a good wolf bad?

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foXXX: Is This What You Call Voodoo Dick?

I am all for a mind blowing sexual romp.

I have been holding out for it, although it has been hard ( in more ways than 1 ).

But I want that exclusive sex.
I mean, that passionate kind of sex.
The kind of sex that does not come from a one nighter.
The one that when you connect with someone and they turn you on…
you turn them on…
and every time you both come in contact with each other…

It is like you both want to rip each other’s skin off.

I like that kind of sexual feeling.

But this here…
If someone’s pipe made me do this…

I. WOULD. HAVE. BEEN. SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For someone who claimed the story was false….
For her Barbz and Kenz to tweet box anyone who smelled “bullshit”…
For my jump-off Wolf SB to say, “ya’ll shouldn’t believe anything the media tells you...

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