Bippity, Boppity, Boi Pu$$y.

voodoowould you like the power to attract every man you are attracted to?
something like that ^wolf above.
i mean every single one that you have lusted after.
no chat sites.
no extra work.
anytime they lay their eyes on you,
or you on them,
they instantly want whatever you are having.
that would make you feel like a king, huh?
literally having all kinds of men wrapped around your finger.
well you can have all that if you start practicing voodoo.
cast an attraction spell on yourself and BOOM: insta-penis.
i mean,
isn’t that the premise of most disney movies?
cinderella wouldn’t have met her prince if it wasn’t for a fairy godmother.
she’d probably still be scrubbing toilets and shopping at conway.
what about pinocchio?
snow white?
and even sleeping beauty?
those movies taught us the magic of casting spells to get a man/better life.
so i started to wonder…

Does casting spells really work?


witch craft.
haunted bussy.
i was talking to a reader in email and he mentioned something about voodoo and a wolf he is seeing.
he wanted me to write an entry about the dark side as well.
putting spells on wolves to get them and keep them.
i remember when a haitian vixen couple years ago confided in me that she practiced voodoo.
she wasn’t all that pretty,
but she was always had some fine wolf meat up in she belly.
she had an energy about her that was really intense.
she got this one married wolf at our old job without any effort.
he became obsessed with her.
it stared with him buying her lunch and to taking trips around the same time as her.
it was weird,
but she had him wrapped around her finger along with other wolves.
all attractive and under her spell.
i caught myself lowkey trying to read up on it so i can have the same effect.
i learned that things like that can go terribly wrong.
next thing you know i got some asshole trying to kill me so no one else could have me.

tumblr_m4g0yg1B671rvezd9o1_500no bueno.

after talking to that reader,
i couldn’t stop thinking about the dark side and spells.
american horror story: coven isn’t just a made up show about witchcraft.
some people are out here doing all kinds of occult shit to get their way.
if you could do a spell that would could get you any kind of man,
who would be loyal,
and would never do anything to hurt you…
would you do it?
what about a better life,
always having good luck,
being able to control the way people treat you,
and being able to live comfortably for the rest of your life?
the idea of a wolf stickin’ his pipe in me and being completely under my control.
sounds enticing, don’t it?
i had to ask…

Would you dabble in the dark side?

17 thoughts on “Bippity, Boppity, Boi Pu$$y.

  1. No lie, I could have sworn I heard to ppl talking about human sacrifice walking past me on the streets of NY (east village). Shocked the heck out of me! Don’t know what ppl do behind closed doors (or in the woods)!

  2. Growing up in the south and being real close to New Orleans, Louisiana; I hear about this stuff all the time. I won’t temper with the dark side. That’s not for me to know about. The reprocussions would do it for me. One time I heard an old man say, “Never mess with a creole woman! They’ll make your dick fall off!” lmao. Creole women are some of the most beautiful and mysterious women on this Earth. That’s why I think some people believe that some practice voodoo.

    For now I wam perfectly fine with my “dark” side being my freaky side. lol

  3. this discussion is actually pretty deep..
    i’ll admit that that after i watched amaerican horror story: coven,
    i wanted to get my wizard on real quick.

    what does santeria entail?

    1. Santeria involve using the Orishas and the saints to basically help you. You have to see a Santero, a high priest or priestess to help you understand more about that religion. Santeros are those people who wear white a lot smoking cigars and have tarot cards, they should have them in Miami.

  4. Well I am Puerto Rican this is pretty normal within our community. What interesting is that in the Puerto Rican community we use a lot of santos or saints in the witchcraft and voodoo. And mostly likely we have a family member that either a witch or a person with the gift to see the spirits or see the future. African influence really hit us.

  5. I wouldn’t do it. Although life is hard sometimes and relationships can be tough, it’s the struggles that make the good times really mean something. Anyway life would be kind of boring if I had everything my way. Sometimes the fun is in working for something and seeing it come to fruition.

  6. I wouldn’t.I know they may look good at the moment but you never know how someone is going to age.Once they hit a certain age, their looks deteriorate and then you’re stuck with a mediocre looking mess.Looks really don’t last.I would’ve loved to put a love spell on this super hot model.He looked absolutely perfect a while ago.Now though… he just looks like any old dude I’d see at the store.

    Voodoo people need to be coming up with a forever young spell.Then all them Hollywood women would flock to it.

    1. Who would root a person over looks alone tho? That is dumb. Most of the people who are doing the rooting are obsessed and looks play a small role. Feelings are involved. You would be surprised.

  7. I’m young, but I know about this shit. Any of you who know anyone over the age of 60 probably know about roots. You can use a picture of them, a strand of their hair, or their blood and you say words over it and leave it somewhere close to the person you are trying to root, such as under the steps of their house, in the house, in their car etc. It happened to my uncle. He had to go into a institution for a minute. A woman rooted him and he nearly lost his mind.

    I wouldn’t root a Fox, it would be fun if I did tho. I’ll have that Fox literally eating out of my hand and on his knees begging and shit. He would be treating me like a king. As a Wolf that would be the life lol. On the real though, I don’t need roots or any other voodoo. If a man is single and gay I could have him because I am just that good lol.

  8. This brought me out of the shadows. I believe in the occult and have practiced on occasion but nothing evil. There are good spells to help improve your life. Google them and see. For instance Lighten a white candle keeps evil away which is why white candles are in churches. It’s not all evil!

  9. It sounds tempting but It’s a no go for me. Once you start messing with the dark side things get too troublesome, you have to always give up something. There is this one Fione ass snow wolf at my job that I would kill to be into me, but I’ll rather have him be into me because he wants to not a spell.

    1. ^i hear you mikey.
      im scared of the repercussions of doing them.
      there is a spanish actress/singer vixen who i hear allegedly practiced santeria on a hiphop mogul wolf.
      judging from the countless songs and albums he has dedicated to her in the mid 2000s…
      i guess her spells worked.

      1. This vixen is none other than Jennifer Lopez, and the Wolf is Diddy. I read she practiced santeria.

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