Another One Bites The Dust (Tired of Saying RIP)

tumblr_ld4jb08qtP1qa6sjao1_500_largeIM TIRED OF SAYING RI FUCKING P…

so i just got news that someone i knew very well passed away.
just dropped dead in front of his family on thanksgiving no less.
died of a heart attack right before a surprise vacation for his family right before thanksgicing.
from the time i knew this man,
he had a good spirit.
he wasn’t rich and worked hard.
he was very nice to me and that is what i will remember the most about him.

ya know i don’t get “life” anymore.
the good ones are being wiped out.
the bad ones are here to stay.
making moves while the rest struggle.
i didn’t know paul walker,
but from what i can tell,
he was one of the good ones.
gone in a senseless accident.
makes no fuckin’ sense.

i’m starting to wonder if life is better when you go bad?
hurt people.
treat em nasty.
doing illegal shit.
copying and stealing work.
gold digging ballers after using my asshole as a bargaining tool.
the trfilin hoe ass bitch with the bad attitude gets the man.
those seem to be the winners.
they’re walking this earth and living the american dream.
yet the good ones are struggling,
being wiped out in tragic accidents,
and taken away with absolutely no reason why.
all we’re left with is questions.
no answers.
it puzzles me.
i’m tired of crying.
i’m completely over breaking down.
i can’t do it anymore.
i cannot.
this year has been the worse for me.
i pray next year is better.
maybe im crazy for holding onto hope?
i won’t allow life to turn me bitter.
im really trying.

rip to him.
another angel on earth taken away.
may he have made it to heaven to watch over his family,
protect them and guide them during these rough times.
may they never forget his spirit.
god i don’t get it,
but you do obviously.
hell i’m seriously starting to wonder if the devil has begun his take over?
this all doesn’t make sense anymore.

lowkey: i wont stink up the joint today with the sadness.
needed to get that out.

moving on…

8 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust (Tired of Saying RIP)

  1. I am sorry that you lost a good person, but as I was reading “another angel on earth taken away.
    may he have made it to heaven to watch over his family,
    protect them and guide them during these rough times.” I realized that as the world is beginning to get worse, the real angels are beginning to be called back to heaven, like sam said. Maybe they really are watching out for other people. But yes, it does seem like the good life goes to the evil, nasty and straight out lowly bitches/assholes while all the ppl that are nice, living right and positive go thru hell. But just think of it like this, what happens to them on Earth might be reversed once they die.

  2. I was asking myself this same thing last night. Why do the good ones always seem to die young? But then I remembered a story I once heard. One day God created an angel so perfect and good and beautiful. One group of gods other angels argued that this new angel was too beautiful to go to Earth and be tainted. Another group argued that Earth needed something so perfect to bring goodness to the world. So God made a compromise and said that he will let the angel go down to Earth but will only allow them to stay for a short time. Sometimes I feel that the ones we lose so early are like that. They may leave us to soon, but while they are here they bring a type of goodness and love into our lives that we never forget.

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