MEAT: (469)

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 4.16.33 PMyou know i love these “incredible hulk” thick mofos.
well everyone meet romar.
he claims he is the man of steel.
whatchu think?…

tumblr_mum208JoKn1r6qguso3_250yeah you could as well wrap it up because i’ll take him to go.
doesn’t he look like he would be a candidate for hubby material?
like throw the cuffs on him,
buy the house in the country,
get the dog,
and argue about china patterns and interior decorating.
he is “that wolf”.
i had to share this about his come up:

@Romar_manofsteel – Once upon a time, I used to be the skinny nerdy kid in school. I was the target of much bullying and ridicule in school, seeing as how I was a honor roll student and essentially fit the stereotypical description of your typical run-of-the-mill nerd/geek. I picked up my first dumbbell at 13 yrs old because I was tired of the bullying and hazing. Was tired of what I had continually dealt with and the image that seemed to follow me throughout the years. What you see here is the product of that decision and resolve. On the left I was about 155 at my biggest in high school in 2006, and on the right I am 193lbs today in 2013. I’m in the gym 5-6 days a week (I have been since I started lifting way in 2002) and am very dedicated to my diet. Now I am aspiring to compete in either Men’s Physique or Bodybuilding competitions starting in 2014. I went from small and frail to large and in charge, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! With hard work and devotion to your goals, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I did it, so you certainly can too!!


see i like these stories than “hi i’m cute worship me”.
take me.

lowkey: this herbalife thing must be contagious on instagram.

x visit romar_manofsteel on his instagram

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “MEAT: (469)”

  1. i would just lay on his chest in the bedroom as we watched tv. i would just love to cuddle with him with those big arms, i’d be afraid to do anything with him i’d be afraid he would beat that ass out the frame lol

  2. I know Derik we went to the same college he’s real funny & down to earth! Didn’t look like this though but he has always been a cutie.

  3. I noticed a common trend with men and these supersized muscles. Don’t get me wrong dude is a good looking dude and has a nice body but does muscles really help with the self-esteem behind the motiviation to work out.

    Working out for what:
    Too Attract those who were once considered out of your league?
    Fit into clothes better?

    or is it really just to try and stay healthy and active?

    I wonder how many of these gym bound dudes not only work out but eat right at the same time and are not only doing it for vanity reasons.

    1. Damn! LB4 you hit it right on the head. Those are all the reasons dudes work out, especially in this lifestyle. I want my body to match my face, that is my reason. Oh and I want to see the rest of my abs lol.

      1. I will never forget a comment made by the infamous “Ursovain” about something similar to what I just asked…

        “Nope. I work out for pure V.A.N.I.T.Y. All that stuff about wanting to be healthy and taking out ones aggression and to get stronger and faster are all cute… for everyone else. I need my t-shirts to fit a certain way and I wanna be happy to see my reflection when i get out of the shower. If there was a quicker way to get a gym-like body that looked completely natural, i would do it.”

        He was honest enough to admit that yeah the reason I work out is because I want to look good and not some b.s. answer saying “I want to be healthier” like most of these “personal trainers” use to lure in bait.

        I think if more men were honest about the reason the why they do things then we can start to see progress in male/male relationships and start to see all that “No fat, No fems”, and “I want a nigga with a billion tattoos, a snap back and some jayz” is really superficial and leads to nothing.

        Don’t wanna get to deep but just shit that I notice.

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