You Might Just Date That Straight Wolf Pretty Soon (Heteroflexible)

i believe this the way the world is going.
the vixens may collapse,
but they’re quick to have some “clit on pussy action” so they can’t talk.
you wouldn’t believe the secrets some of these “straight” wolves have.
the ones who scream “im straight” or “fuck fags” online,
but giving some body part in real life to their homeboy.
uh uh.
i peep ya’ll emailing me asking for advice and to get more comfortable.
so the word of the day is:

tumblr_inline_mugohwdR5y1r2s1iv…or “foxhole-flexible”.
im with it.
i already got my trophy shining products ready.
what about you?

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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “You Might Just Date That Straight Wolf Pretty Soon (Heteroflexible)”

    1. ^lowkey I like them as well nerd.
      they know how to chill
      and shut the fuck up with the extra.
      i really like laid back wolves who move in silence.
      any kind.
      once you in the club taking selfies,
      you could as well not bother talking to me.

  1. A lot of people said he was lying and trying to impress the gay community, but anyone who knows Josh just a little bit is fully aware that he’s really telling the truth about himself. He’s extremely self aware and he’s very familiar to the gay community in Southern California. Don’t act surprised if it happens down the road.

    1. ^i feel deep down inside,
      a lot of men think this way.
      they’re just too afraid to admit it like over it said.
      the world is getting comfortable and gay is everywhere.
      dudes now have fatter asses than females.
      everyone is experimenting at least once or twice.
      again: my trophy case is clean and ready.

  2. I’m all for people being free and open with their sexuality, but I think this new wave of openness speaks to something different. I think it speaks to men having been told all of their lives that thinking about a penis is the worst thing you can do. I guess now they’re trying to change that idea. what’s funny to me is that most porn has men with huge penises, but guys will say that they’re not looking at that and that they’re looking at the women only… Huh? why not watch lesbian porn then?? Heteros are funny

    1. I agree.They think being gay automatically means being feminine or less manly.I’m glad the future is heading this route.It bugs me that women can get away with have sexual relations with other women but men are called gay and stuck in that box.

      Sherri Shepard made comments that if a man screws around with another man then he’s gay but women aren’t because she knows women that fooled around with other women in college and are now married to men.I thought that was some double standard bullshit.

      Plus, I don’t believe that anyone is 100% anything either.

      Don’t get me started on bisexual women that complain about lesbians not liking them for being bi yet they themselves say they won’t date bi men.

      I always wondered if society was more open in that way, how many men would actually be fooling around with guys openly.I bet you the world would become 90% bisexual.I’m sure most men would love getting head from other dudes, like most do now.

      1. ^personally,
        and no offense to my vixen readership,
        but women contradict themselves and seriously need to shut the fuck up.
        i love my sistas,
        but they are usually the main offenders with the bullshit.
        i hate how men are condemned for anything that isn’t “the norm”,
        but some straight chick goes and has a pussy sandwich one night and she was “curious”.
        fuck that.

        im all for men out there exploring.
        do it!
        you may like it.
        you may not.
        at least you did it and whatever you choose to do in the future is your business.
        i won’t judge unless you are being messy.

      2. Thank you for calling out Sherri Shepard, when it has come to this topic she always has said some of the dumbest things. I remember an episode of the view where the topic of hiv in black women came up and she brought up dl men and how they were the only cause of it, and because she was the only black woman on the roundtable that day everyone just thought what she said was law.

  3. I have had straight men hit on me more than gay men themselves. Like this one guy, we went to the pool and after he wanted to take a shower with me, but I was too uncomfortable and he kept on insisting we take a shower together. Then other dude who was a football player at my high school remember every detail about me. I remember it was my birthday, but I didn’t show up at school and this one girl gave me the stink eye when she told me that DJ and the rest of the teammates went to my classroom to say happy birthday. That was so sweet, but some girls were jealous of me.

    1. *smacks Lindo in the back of the head* Straight men do not hit on gay men. Gay men hit on gay men. What is wrong wit you? LOL. A man who hits on you ain’t straight. That is Gay Lifestyle 101. However that football player wanted that ass tho. You know you are the shit when the girls are jealous. I have had a couple of football players try to get at me. I wouldn’t date one, but it’s good to they are interested in me.

      Why did you turn down that guy who wanted to shower with you? Let me guess, you were uncomfortable because he was ugly. LOL

      1. *smack The Man across the face* lol I’m not saying they are gay or not, but for the openly gay guys they didn’t give the time or day. All they do is roll their eyes at me and call me weird.
        And the guy was pretty cute and the reason why I didn’t is because I was chubby and I wasn’t about to take off my clothes in front of him.

      2. Don’t be jealous man. There is nothing to be jealous of. The secret is confidence, a strong personalty, and the way you move. Anyone can have those qualities. Everyone thinks it is all about looks, but that is not true. Do looks play a role? Yea they do, but they play a small role. What is on the inside matters.

        The issue in our lifestyle is, you guys allow dudes to come in your life and put on you down, the Foxes usually let this happen. You guys allow Wolves to come in your life and put down your self-esteem and make you feel worthless, which doesn’t leave room for confidence and adds room for a low self-esteem. This should not be happening, and shame on you Wolves who put these guys down with your arrogance and cockiness. Shame on fucking you!

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