curious straight males only want one thing and it ain’t no love story

I have dated males,
who were curious,
but they were never interested in me romantically.

i’m here to tell you curious males are not what they’re cracked up to be.
i have this thing where i can attract males to me like bees to honey.
it might be my style,
bomb personality,
or the gayness they could see in me.
curious straight males were like hawks because i wasn’t like the others.
it wasn’t a compliment because they ended up treating me like the others.
they wanted to fuck but i was giving them “the boyfriend” experience.

I’m glad it never happened with any of them tbh.

i was reading this thread on reddit called:

“Straight men who have tried gay sex: what did you like and didn’t like about it?”

…and many of the comments gave me a couple a-ha moments.
this one comment especially…

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should we have told that dude from our past we wanted the pipe and hope for the best?

he asked me how he looked in his outfit as i sat on the table.
i’ll admit,
he looked good af.
the way his arms and chest looked in his shirt had me on brick.
the way his plump ass hugged his dress pants made me lose my mind slowly.

i don’t know if he was completely straight tho.
no fully straight male lets me touch him the way i do.
it wasn’t sexual,
but it way past the “uh i’m straight” line.
some straights are comfortable around gays,
but there is a limit they will not cross.
he was one of them.
i told him his shirt was sticking out in the back.
he walked over to me,
got between my legs,
and told me to tuck it in.

i was getting really overcome with horniness tbph.
in a bold move,
i tried something i never thought i would…

work wolf.
the nfl baller wolf.

the wolf i was interested in recently.
some other “straight” wolves i knew in my past.
they were all wolves who were straight but seemed to be curious and interested in me.
i have this thing where i can attract curious males like moths to a flame,
but because i’m so worried about being “wrong”,
i kept a respectful line.
it might have made them think i wasn’t interested even though i was.
i had a dream last night about ^that situation above with a past wolf i mentioned,
but i had to wonder

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lamonte has a secret, that might not be a secret (?), as well

the following is super alleged.
i’m giving my opinion to the following.
i can’t font if it’s real or fake and don’t assume to know.
so lamonte
he’s a pretty interesting character.
he’s already got folks talking because he is full on #MAGA,
has no fucks to give about getting naked for “paint n sip”,
and has numerous alleged sex and jack off videos if you search.
another convo is how he alleged gets down.
so a foxholer sent me a leaked alleged convo and well…
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This Is Just My Face (Try Not to Stare)

“what you doing baby daddy?”

that was my straight wolf friend on the phone today.
i know you’re like “tf?”.
okay so i told him a few days ago that i wasn’t feeling good.
he told me that i was pregnant and i replied that it was “his”.
i’m a smart ass.
so today,
that was how he greeted me when he called me.
he’s cute and a “question mark”,
but after all the ww drama,
i try to keep these “situationals” short and sweet.
i’m not trying to get “caught up” with these weird straights anymore.
he did say something to me earlier tho…

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f0xmail: I Have A “Work Wolf” Situation Too! Help!


Hey Jamari,

I need some advice I know this wolf that I’m cool with that’s straight. He calls me his best friend/bro and he is also a ex co-worker of mine. Long story short I wanna if this wolf is gay or bi curious,DL, ect. He knows I’m gay and has no problem with me and my sexuality. He told me how he likes transgender model Sydney Starr and what not. I told him that she was a he and he is not phased by it.

(I heard of straight men that would mess with transgender women as long as they don’t have male parts)

When we text I say stuff to test him to see if he going to say “no homo” or “ayo” “pause”… Anything that may indicate that he is uncomfortable with what I said and he doesn’t. He goes with the flow and at times he sends me various emojis that the averageĀ  male wouldn’t send to another male.

Now he has a son and baby mom(that doesn’t mean anything now a days). And recently his female coworkers went to gay bar and he went along. I had a crush on him for the longest time and I like the back and forth.

How can I find out is he trying to play for the other team or not?

Should I leave it alone ?


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The Curious Thirst Trap of Mory Fofanah

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 2.28.47 PMthese days,
the attentionistos come in all shapes and sizes.
some are gay as hell.
others are straight as well.
then there are those that you would assume run in the foxhole,
but are actually married with cubs.
to a vixen.
with an actual vagina.
not post-op.
welp that is mory fofanah.
the married attentionsito with cubs.
i been sniffin’ around his instagram since ( x my entry ) on him and well…
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