This Is Just My Face (Try Not to Stare)

“what you doing baby daddy?”

that was my straight wolf friend on the phone today.
i know you’re like “tf?”.
okay so i told him a few days ago that i wasn’t feeling good.
he told me that i was pregnant and i replied that it was “his”.
i’m a smart ass.
so today,
that was how he greeted me when he called me.
he’s cute and a “question mark”,
but after all the ww drama,
i try to keep these “situationals” short and sweet.
i’m not trying to get “caught up” with these weird straights anymore.
he did say something to me earlier tho…

i was telling him that wolves like to stare at me in public,
but it never goes anywhere past that.

“you are mad intimidating tho.
your face son…
you look a people like they stupid.”

i mean,
i don’t look at everyone like that,
but a select few get “the look”.
“the idiots”.
i don’t have a poker face.
at all.
i got it from being friends with karaoke all these years.
she looks at people like they’re crazy af.
i admired how she did it and smuggled for my use.
so he went on to say…

“…it’s just something about you tho.”

he didn’t go into detail,
but i sorta figure it out.
i don’t bag wolves out here.
my issue is…

I attract all the curious straights

they love tf outta me.
the openly gays don’t fuck with me,
but anything curious or dl?
they befriend me to play games.
as you know,
i’ve been led down this path of hell before.
i’m not getting my hopes up for dick that ain’t gonna go inside me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “This Is Just My Face (Try Not to Stare)”

  1. Good on ya for not getting caught up. You take heed to life’s lessons I see. I think everyone has dat one dating “curse” if u will. It varies from person to person.

    1. ^oh definitely.
      you are right tho.
      we all have that one situation that fucks you up and makes you grow.
      some get bitter.
      others get better.
      i choose to be better.

    1. You know what I think that certain “something” you have that attracts these kind of guys to you is that they can let their guards down and be themselves around you. You don’t come across messy and there’s a level of comfort you bring out in them.

      I’m not saying anything is going to happen just tread lightly

  2. I feel like I just read my life story. Out gay guys do not seem to me. But the curious guys are always around and it sucks. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. My friend is forever saying how I have one hell of a poker face and that my aura is not very warm/approachable. I blame my Scorpio rising for this. I guess I have to make a conscious effort to look approachable but it feels fake and it’s too much work so I don’t even bother. It’s rare that I get approached and when I do, I’m looking raggedy Lol.

  4. NO. This isnt the same as WW. You never, throughout the whole saga, said anything that made me unambiguously sure ww was into you. This dude might be sticking his head out of the closet to see if it is safe. That is not a recipe for “and they lived happily ever after”. But it might be a recipe for “we had some hot fun for a few weeks before deciding we were better as friends”. I dont see anything wrong with that, unless he’s crazy or messy. Dont let that pineapple ww make you miss a blessing. #TeamJamari

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