Nicki Minaj: Round One, Fight!

before we get started,
i have to ask the foxhole:

did that tumor on her ass get bigger?
i’m so confused.
today was a big day for nicki minaj.
twitter called it #nickiday.
she released two new tracks during the current cardi reign.
“barbie tingz”
“chun li”
i was scared af to listen to be perfect honest and well…

barbie tingz

chun li

one thing about nicki that i like is her vocals.
she can be a doofus,
but i do rock with some of her music.
the way she spits has always gotten my attention.
it’s cutesy,
but still hard af.
that being said,
i really like both of these tracks.
you read right.
i thought they were pretty solid “comeback” from her banishment.
“chun li” is my fav out the two.

i do have one gripe with her tho.
this part of her interview with zane lowe today:

excuse me?

Wasn’t she completely nasty to Kim?

…or did we dream that up?
she is out of control crying on the radio.
their whole “beef” is stupid anyway.
“motorsport” is migos song and cardi been showing her love.
nicki needs to be “the bad guy” and call it a day.
the victim act isn’t gonna work against cardi.
aside from that,
i’m interested in what she has to offer.
i hope she doesn’t make me regret that decision.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj: Round One, Fight!”

  1. 100% on everything you said about the songs. I actually kinda like Chun Li. Both of them reminded me how her flow could always ride the beat better than a lot of other rappers.

  2. I don’t think anyone can argue she’s the better rapper, I just wish she’d stay off social media honestly.

    I do believe Atlantic Records is setting her up, but she walked right into the trap.

      1. Atlantic has offered to sign multiple female rappers on the condition they beef with Nicki before they finally signed Cardi. I think someone over there is mad Nicki didn’t sign with them.

        Now you add to that Motorsport was originally only suppose to be Quavo and Nicki, but Cardi was added in and requested Nicki take her name out of her verse and the fact Cardi went from those raggedy wigs to using Nicki’s hairstylist…

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Migos and the execs at Atlantic were working together.

        Still I wish she’d chill out. Cardi’s not an MC and she’s not even ashamed of the fact she’s not writing her own lyrics. By the time she drops that baby people will have moved on including Offset.

        Nicki isn’t doing herself any favors by “appearing” to be hating on the more “relatable” one.

        Play chess, not checkers.

  3. I’m over her! You treated Kim like shit and now that it is done to you! Now you want sympathy. I have none and I am here for Cardi B

  4. Some of all ya’ll need to stop with the Nicki lies pertaining to Kim. If you search the web you can find old interviews of Nicki praising Kim and last year Nicki praised Kim again. It is Kim cat looking self and the media that hyped that beef up.

    Also, both songs are #1 and #2. #Nickiday

    1. You must not be following the same woman we are! Romans Revenge Stupid Hoe and etc all directed to Lil Kim so miss us with the subliminal shade that is going full round to her.

      1. She praised Kim in the beginning.

        The problem is Kim was insecure in her standing in hip hop and people (mostly men) wanted them to beef so that’s what happened.

        Seems like the same cycle is repeating itself with Nicki.

      2. Did you miss the part where I said “old interviews?” Jay summed up what i was talking about below, the people that know Nicki from her mixtape days and first album know about this. I use to ride with Kim, before i found out she slept with a married woman husband and didnt have big to write for her anymore. She hasnt been the same.

  5. It’s funny how the cycle is repeating itself because dis was Kim and Nick jus 8 years ago. Gotta love irony. This interview snowballed into a whole entertaining mess tho. So much goes on behind the scenes it’s fascinating really. Out of the two tracks I prefer Barbie Tingz her flow is better on it. I’m dead at them not wanting her singing on motorsport lol, Nick can spit wit the best of them but a vocalist she is not.

    1. What cycle?

      Nicki has the #1 and #2 songs and has surpassed Cardi new song. What hits did Kim have when Nicki came coming up the charts and the “It” girl?

      1. The cycle of the veteran female rapper feeling offended that the newcomer didn’t pay proper “homage”

  6. Speaking of Kim, can we all agree Biggie was writing her rhymes?

    I was listening to Hardcore not too long ago and her flow was just impeccable and effortless. All of her albums after that just don’t compare.

    Even Jermaine Dupri pretty much said Big wrote her parts and told her how to say them in the same story where he pulled a gun on her.

    I give Kim credit for her style, but her flow was all Big. He was really the GOAT.

    1. Jay,

      You need to stay out of my head, after Big died. Kim only had her hype to sell some of her other cds and the jail stint. I was talking to someone else about this on another forum a while back about the Kim situation. The person that people fail to compare Nicki to and should is Missy, because they both could rap, sing, and write.

      1. Nicki hasn’t evolved creatively like Missy did though.Missy didn’t even have bars but the whole package and visual was so good people didn’t care.

        Nicki is a naturally gorgeous woman, she really doesn’t have to be extra with the sexy image anymore.

        Rap is the most popular genre currently, she needs to keep the singing and pop tunes to a minimum at this point.

    2. I agree he definitely helped her in the beginning but disagree about album quality. Naked Truth was on par with Hard Core imo.

      1. Thank you Naked Truth was the truth and critics agree so that whole Kim thing with biggie I’m not buying it!

  7. I don’t listen to any of them Thots. They all talk about nonsense and dress like sluts from the Illumithotty.

    J/k..even though I actually don’t listen to them I am loving this ChunLi thing Nikki got going on…shows you how much I like Street Fighter tho. I don’t listen to rap but I’m very interested in this image that Nikki is showing off. I may give a song from each one of them a listen and see how they sound vocally.

    If I had to pick one of the two, I’d pick Nikki though based off of image alone.

    Nikki has this uniqueness about her style like she got some GaGa in her.

    I absolutely love Missy E….she is awesome.

  8. The main reason Nicki hasnt sold me as a fan at this point is there is absolutely NO GROWTH. These songs could have come out yesterday or in 2010. “hating bitches”, “my pussy good”, blah, blah, blah. She is such a one trick pony. The fact that she appeals to ratchet vixens with her hair and fashions is whats sustaining her at this point. The delusional claim that bitches are biting her fashion when she literally morphed into lil kim at the beginning of her career is laughable at best. Even more egregious is her being FAKE hurt that Cardi didnt kiss her ring when she came into the game after she never, ever did that same for Kim. Nicki to me, lowdown, petty and shady as fuck. She’s shook because finally, there is another successful female rapper. Instead of celebrating her and slaying jointly, she’d rather try to bring her down.

  9. Nicki is really the only one to blame to where her career is at now. This is karma: what goes around, comes around. Her ego is out of control, her attitude can be shitty, she hasn’t grown lyrically as an artist, and She’s burned way too many bridges with people over the years! Its no wonder why the industry is low-key trying to push her out. And i don’t care what anyone say, she has an problem with plastic surgery, that shit looks crazy! Instead of worrying about Cardi, I hope she gets some help for herself.

  10. I have to admit the songs grew on me. I wasn’t feeling them at the beginning but they are growing on me. Cardi is a prop, period. Her album wasn’t bad but that’s what happens when you have a gang of ghostwriters and you’re just the puppet presenting the finished product to the world. I bop to some songs on the album but I just don’t see “ARTIST” when I look at her. All I see is a pretty girl with a marketable image who got lucky on instagram. It’s hard for me to fully be a fan when I don’t see an artist. The fact that she is one of the current faces of female rap is SAD.

    Also, Nicki needs to do more damage control because she has just opened a can of worms and it backfired on her with that interview. I am still looking forward to her album though, even though the industry are turning on her. Btw Kim was DONE way before Nicki blew up so even if she never beefed with Kim, she still wouldn’t have been resurrected. Once Kim went to jail it was a wrap. The same for Remy. They fucked their own careers up the moment they didn’t realize that they had to leave that hoodrat shit behind because they have real careers now.

    Sidenote: Nicki is so beautiful.

  11. I really enjoy Chun Li but it doesnt scream HIT to me. Still makes me excited for the next album. Both are great to me – actually surprised how much I enjoyed Cardi.

  12. Not a fan of either chick. Don’t think they are great rappers at all, although Nicki has had some songs that I like. More so based on the chorus and “singing” she does, than her rapping skills.
    Of the two songs she released though, I like the Barbie Tingz track.
    Her flow on that track is better than on the Chung-Li track.

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