Tristan Thompson Gets Some “Not So Fast” Sextape Leakage

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so i stayed up pretty late for the foxhole.
i paid for it today because i’m tired af.
tristan thompson got some alleged sex tape leakage.
it had to be about 12:30am that i was on the hunt.
 i ended up finding it and well…

she has an amazing tail.
i would always be in the doggy position if i had those bunz.

it came with a sext receipt too:

i miss sexting.
well i was about to post,
but my foxy senses stopped me.
i wanted more receipts because i didn’t buy it was tristan.
i ended up being right.
i saw many tweets today saying that tape belonged to someone else.
i ended up seeing fameolous finally confirming it on twitter:

that she-hyena even claimed she was pregnant too:

i guess when ya’ll found out,
ya’ll ( x ran her off of ig ) too.
what is up with these lying hyenas jumping in on scandals?
it’s really fucking up the flow.

lowkey: i have her ig open in one of my browsers from last night…

her lies got her from 2k followers to 10k.
she averaged 300 likes per pic.
even tmz wrote an entry about her and this alleged tape.
i’m wondering if she was a catfish too?

we gotta stop giving trash a platform.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tristan Thompson Gets Some “Not So Fast” Sextape Leakage”

  1. I knew Ted had a big one. He is always showing print in those tight ass joggers he wears

  2. Hell, I thought I was gonna finally see the Tristan Thompson johnson. lol

  3. Do you even read the messages people send you? I’ve send some pics but looks like you didn’t see it

  4. This is what young girls aspire to nowadays?! Damn…society has SERIOUSLY become fucked up when it comes to morals. Now it’s sextapes and getting knocked up for a come up…go figure.

    I remember the days when young girls aspired to be video vixens, the “it girl” in videos! LOL

      1. Which is crazy, bc Ted looks like he’s only packing a regular. lol I mean its long but not that thick. So….And he is fucking raw… wow.

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