So @StyleByTariq Didn’t Smash Tyrone Hankerson Jr? (Thought So)

this catfish bs has gooooottttt to stop.
so remember this entry:


he fonted on twitter that:

he allegedly had sex with tyrone hankerson jr
his “box” was top 5
he ended getting his wallet stolen after by tyrone

my foxy senses didn’t believe it.
well ya’ll jumped started that investigation after that.
a foxholer sent me this email…

so when i go look,
that latino wolf is from brazil ya’ll.
legit lives there.
his name ain’t even tariq either!

How disgusting is that?

now it leads the question if tyrone is even gay??
that hyena just wanted to jump into a scandal for retweets/likes.
many folks gave it to him too.
it goes to show that social media ain’t real.
they ended up running his ass off twitter tho.

you can check ( x all the play by play on twitter )

lowkey: ima need to see receipts with these stories.
folks be lying on they whole dick/tails out here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “So @StyleByTariq Didn’t Smash Tyrone Hankerson Jr? (Thought So)”

  1. Can I tell ya’ll sumthin weird?

    After the initial scandal went down, I found this guy wholly unattractive solely because of his general messiness and demeanor. Like he could be attractive to look at, but he just wasn’t sitting right with me.

    After seeing his instagram, he’s like a whole new person to me. Like he suddenly got attractive again.

    I say this caz people can be drop dead gorgeous, but if you act trashy and sloppy, then all that glam gets means nothing.

    Side note, this guy really pretended to be a whole different being for a year. now that is crazy.

    1. ^I SAID THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!

      i went down his tl and was so turned off.
      he was acting so common and just extra.
      i kept saying wow he is so cute but he is doing too much on twitter.
      now he outcome has the real “tariq” in a whole new light.

      that is crazy,
      but it comes with a good lesson…

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