They Need Fighter’s Insurance To Work At Mcdonalds

i remember when i use to be able to eat ^that.
that would fuck my entire stomach up these days.
mcdonald’s workers go through a lot.
they gotta deal with long ass lines and demon customers.
what do you think happened when one allegedly threw coffee on an employee?
an older snow bunny at that.
it happened down in jacksonville; fl.
a foxholer sent me the video and well via “the daily mail”

was that fragile older snow bunny trying to go toe to toe?

she would have gotten washed.
mcdonalds worker was squaring up.
she obviously didn’t see this video:

“it can take a hit.
it’s cool…”

clearly because she took numerous.
as for that mcdonalds worker,
i don’t blame her.
if the alleged situation is true,
coffee can be legit scalding hot.
what if she burned her to the point of dis-figuration?

I’ll cut up the bitch, I’ll gut the bitch (okay)
Had to f*ck up the bitch, man, f*ck the bitch
Won’t shoot her but I will gun-butt the bitch…

you getting ya tail beat.

video cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “They Need Fighter’s Insurance To Work At Mcdonalds”

  1. People stay looking down on fast food workers and disrespecting them. I do not wanna see a person risk their job, but at times, it is justified.

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