should we have told that dude from our past we wanted the pipe and hope for the best?

he asked me how he looked in his outfit as i sat on the table.
i’ll admit,
he looked good af.
the way his arms and chest looked in his shirt had me on brick.
the way his plump ass hugged his dress pants made me lose my mind slowly.

i don’t know if he was completely straight tho.
no fully straight male lets me touch him the way i do.
it wasn’t sexual,
but it way past the “uh i’m straight” line.
some straights are comfortable around gays,
but there is a limit they will not cross.
he was one of them.
i told him his shirt was sticking out in the back.
he walked over to me,
got between my legs,
and told me to tuck it in.

i was getting really overcome with horniness tbph.
in a bold move,
i tried something i never thought i would…

work wolf.
the nfl baller wolf.

the wolf i was interested in recently.
some other “straight” wolves i knew in my past.
they were all wolves who were straight but seemed to be curious and interested in me.
i have this thing where i can attract curious males like moths to a flame,
but because i’m so worried about being “wrong”,
i kept a respectful line.
it might have made them think i wasn’t interested even though i was.
i had a dream last night about ^that situation above with a past wolf i mentioned,
but i had to wonder

What would have happened if I told those wolves I wanted some dick,
but let’s keep what we do on the low?

i mean,
we all know how straight males operate.
some of these males that hover around us don’t/didn’t act fully straight.
a majority of the time,
they are waiting for us to make the first move.
other gay males have had luck doing it.
i know for me,
my biggest fear was being wrong and looked at like a predator.
some males will act like your friend but blast you for violating.
i have major trust issues when it comes to other males tbh.
most of them were always my bullies and used my “softness” against me.
i never revealed my feelings because i wanted to protect myself.
i didn’t want to be punched in the face either.
…but what if?

i’m not fonting to go out there and proposition every male,
but how what are the signs a male is truly curious about you?
or if he is trying to get us comfortable to give us what we been waiting on?

Do we have to invite him over to smoke?
Find creative ways to be in his space and radar?
Be upfront that we want the pipe and whatever we do stays between us?
leave it be and let it happen when he gets comfortable?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “should we have told that dude from our past we wanted the pipe and hope for the best?”

  1. Whew! baby Work wolf was a sight for sore eyes but so damn toxic 😒I bet his freaky ass would’ve gave it to you

  2. The men I approach tell me they never would have approached me because I seem like I would harshly reject them. When I do get approached, it’s always on just fvcking. So if I want a connection, I have to put in the work.

    And to answer your question, I do this when I want attention. Otherwise I go ghost for months. I will not stroke the egos of these boys.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend letting them hit, even if the straight wolf made the first move. Sometimes they will lie on you saying you harrasing them and forcing yourself on them. The reason they do it is to cut all ties from you, post nut clarity and all that, AND most importantly if you try telling the exposing the truth you look like a crazy delusional bitch because they told on you first.

    1. Too much of a headache 😫, I called myself liking this cop, I didn’t even know him, I would see him patrolling my neighborhood, we would make strong eye contact. I remember being in line at the convenient store and he came in, got in line behind me, I could see our reflection in the glass door, he was looking at my ass the whole time. He never said anything. This flirting went on, until we finally spoke at the gym, he had gorgeous legs, and offered to help me work on my calves, he gave me vibes because he was very flirtatious, one day he smacked me on my ass at the gym in front of everyone. I had no idea he had a girlfriend and four kids, all by different women. I was really digging him. He was flirtatious when his girlfriend wasn’t around, but when she was he was a different person, he tried to make it seem like I was hounding him when it was the other way around, I wanted to have sex with him anyway, I didn’t give a damn if he had kids or not, but we never did. I see him every now and then, but I don’t sweat him at all, when I do I try to go the other way, but if he sees me he’ll make a beeline for me, like I’m supposed to be super excited. Don’t have time for those games anymore.

      1. Right, that seems like a mess. You guys didn’t even do anything and he is already playing on your time. Too much drama even if he fine as hell.

  4. Don’t have time for all that nonsense. Y’all can fantasize and chase the heteros. Show me the homos. That’s what I’m looking for. Lol. No confused, no curious. Where’s the I’m gay and know it folk? (But that seems to not be good enough for many gays, many always caught up in nonsense with a hetero lol).

  5. I used to laid back but as I’ve aged a little bit I don’t have the patience for games and I go off energy. If the guy is taking too long to make the move I say something to Him and I have yet to be turned down. Usually if I feel they have a crush they’ve already given me enough signs to determine accurately. But we still have to be careful. Not necessarily from rejection but from being played. They think gay men are experimental subjects for their fantasies, including some straight couples

    1. Good points.

      Sometimes I have regretted NOT pursuing it. I realize that I was in my own way.

      These kids really have it made. The lines of sexuality are so blurred and it seems they have more ‘Straight, Bi & Fluid” guys willing to participate.

  6. I have always been reluctant to make that” initial ” move on straight males who appear to like me . Yes, I have friends who have successfully ” Had Trade” be it …..”Getting them High”,…… or just “The Right time and Place”.

    Jamari , my pride will not let allow me to pursue a curious straight male who is a tease and won’t admit he wants me too. If I am wrong the rejection would forever play over and over in my head. I already think too much about past failures.

    I would rather just place my energy on another Gay male who appears to want me just as much.

    1. ^thats how i feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      it’s the teasing and uncertainty that doesn’t help them.
      it’s can be really annoying and leads to hurt feelings on your end smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. I’ve always wanted to know the ending of the work wolf story. Unless I missed a post, I’ve always wanted to know what went down

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