imagine a world with no jails, prisons, or surveillance (blm wants something like that)

imagine if your city was like batman’s “gotham“?
what if there was crime everywhere,
supervillains controlled certain territories,
and there was absolutely no batman or justice league to rescue us?
it kinda sounds like life in this country now tbh.
blm co-founder,
patrice cullors-brignac,
wants the entire country like gotham in regards to our justice system.
she thinks we need no jails,
no prisons,
and no surveillance

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has said Derek Chauvin’s conviction was a ‘victory in accountability’ but George Floyd’s murder and the cop killing of Ma’Khia Bryant prove the criminal justice system is ‘broken’ and should be abolished

Cullors, who set up BLM with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi back in 2013, posted a video on Instagram Thursday where she told her 371,000 followers that now was the time to ‘fight for more’ and ‘get us closer to a place where there are no jails or prisons or surveillance’ in America.  

Cullors urged people to ‘imagine a world where black people are thriving’ and are focused on the lives of black people rather than their deaths. 

‘This country is so obsessed with black death we need to reimagine black life,’ she said.

Ma’Khia should be with us. George should be with us – that’s justice, that’s love, that’s healing.’

She called on people to ‘imagine abolition’ as a place ‘where black people can live freely, where we can live our full whole lives, where we are not gunned down by the police.’

Cullors has long called for the abolition of the criminal justice system as it is today, including its prisons, police, ICE detention centers and jails.

Instead, she calls for a move to transformative justice with law enforcement funding redirected to initiatives that directly serve communities, such as through education, healthcare and community programs.  

while i believe that things need to change within our justice system,
and we need to see more black people thriving instead of terror,
is she saying she wants anarchy out here?
it’s because of surveillance that we are getting justice in the first place.
i hope if this comes to pass that she has round-the-clock security for her 4 mansions.

“Meanwhile, Cullors has come under scrutiny after it emerged she had accrued a $3 million property empire of four homes in recent years

This includes the recent purchase of a $1.4 million home in the largely white district of Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.”

i know black folks are angry,
but we need to logically go about things first.
before this paradise happens,
we desperately need to work on all the issues within our community first.
we tend to take 2 steps forward and go flying all the way back to the pits of hell.
we have smoke with police,
white folks,
other communities,
and within our own gates as well.
if the family is broken on the inside...

How do we expect to thrive on the outside?

this all sounds like propaganda that won’t end well.

lowkey: even without the police,
we still have to deal with racism as well.
so are we abolishing racists too?
coon blacks?
did we really think about this?

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “imagine a world with no jails, prisons, or surveillance (blm wants something like that)”

  1. She is ignoring a fundamental truth of humans which is: we, sometimes, behave badly. Therefore, in instances in which we behave badly, there has to be remedies to deal with the bad behavior. Her wishful nation doesn’t seem to deal with that whatsoever given she wants to abolish prisons, law enforcement, etc.

    For instance, in her wishful nation, what is stopping me from committing obviously bad behavior like: going on a murderous rampage against innocent people? Nothing, given in this hypothetical nation there is no law enforcement, no prisons and, presumably, no laws either.

    I like that she cares about us, but it sounds like she is not the appropriate person to look to for sound solutions. Compound this with the alleged stealing of BLM money, and we have a person who also cannot be trusted.

    Ignore her.

  2. Well, the 13th amendment banned slavery except for criminals. Which is why men like Kaleif Browder commit suicide after being in isolation, due to how it affected his mental health. This is why people are acting out in quarantine. We are social creatures. There are prisons around the world where nonviolent prisoners aren’t chained up and allowed to move freely. They are cared for and rehabilitated so they don’t want to leave until they are better. I personally believe prison should rehabilitate nonviolent offenders, not treat them like animals. You can’t treat someone poorly then expect them to rejoin society without committing crimes again.

      1. prisons, police, ICE detention centers and jails.

        I think prisons should be kept for people who are a danger to themselves and others. Selling/having weed on you for example isn’t going to harm anyone.

        Police I agree with. I think communities should police themselves. People have this idea that you have to go to school to be a politician. I think you have to be part of a community to know what it needs. So I think people need to elect someone to “police” their community. A Neighborhood Watch. The problem with “no snitching” is trauma builds up. Molestation, abuse, nobody wants to speak up and broken humans continue to add to society. Originally gangs came about to keep Black communities safe as police would not help them. Then they morphed into living out the caricature of a hood thug. When you ask many gang members what their gang stands for, they don’t even know. Police were to catch runaway slaves. They were the reason gangs came up to protect communities.
        Also if you policed your own community and looked out for each other, YOU WOULDN’T NEED TO WAIT ON THE POLICE TO ARRIVE.

        ICE Detention Centers, I agree with. From a medical standpoint, something everyone in another country is immune to, might wipe out everyone here. This is why you don’t drink water when you travel as your digestive system isn’t used to the microbes in it. Also, the whole “it’s not our problem unless they’re Black?” Um more Black foreigners make up the detention centers than Latinx. So what now? Send them back or give them asylum. I also think the standards to become a citizen are needlessly difficult. Immigrants know more about American history than actual native-born Americans. And the idea that foreigners are spies coming to take over, you don’t need to become a citizen to do that. Any tourist can be a spy anywhere. If America is a melting pot, let it be a melting pot. It’d be nothing without Black people. It also would suffer if you took away all of the foreign influence, especially healthcare regarding doctors from the Caribbean and Asia. And quite frankly, if someone who has an accent and barely speaks English can take your job….but that goes into how we value jobs and what a “good job is”.

        Jails. I don’t mind someone who is drink sobering up in a jail cell. But what I think is wrong is jailing people who are nonviolent just to have them in the system. There is a literal quota given to cops which is why they stop people at the beginning and end of the month because tickets are part of how they fund police departments. So yes, police need to be defunded. Give that money to the schools they close in Black communities to get better buildings without asbestos and lead that affect child development and cognition. Make a fund so those in the community who cannot afford dental, chronic and emergency care don’t have to worry about an ambulance ride taking 3 months pay.

        Whether you agree with doing away with them or not, they aren’t made to benefit Black people so a restructuring is absolutey needed. Whenever people say ‘reform’, they mean put the first Black person you see in charge. And we already know skinfolk is not kinfolk.

        They are trying to pass something now that would release and expunge everyone who has been jailed for weed and prisons are a business. It’s why they force prisoners to make hand sanitizers and masks for pennies. You can do anything to a prisoner and people on the outside will say “They shouldn’t have gone”, as if you can’t be imprisoned for existing. Black people make up 5% of the population but are overrepresented in prison and companies we know everyday directly are profiting off of prisons. The amount of items made in prisons is scary. We are fighting for a livable wage and prisoners are treated like less than human.

        Inmates in idaho are responsible for their most famous export, potatoes. It’s easy to say things don’t need to change, until you’re stopped and arrested over a “faulty backlight” and realize how your rights are gone and they stall to prevent you from getting out. Also, public defenders always push minorities to take “plea deals” because we are uninformed and afraid to go to trial, so now we’ve admitted to something we likely didn’t do and it’s on our record.

        Black people built America and are continuing to do so, behind bars.

  3. Jamari, contact me so that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can live much longer, much more prosperous and much more satisfying lives. That is, so that they will thrive!

    You have my email address.

  4. I could careless about her opinion but what concerns me is this revelation that she has 4 mansions?!? Like what does she do for a living outside of BLM? And is she stealing money and this is all a hoax/ ponzi scheme to get rich off the suffering of black people? I have questions Patrice that you need to fucking answer instead of this rambling ignorance you’re spewing.

    1. Us Republicans know exactly what she & others r up to BLM is getting Rich off the Backs of the Poor Blacks,I can tell u this is not going to turn out like BLM wants it to once a CROOK always a CROOK,& Once a Murder always a Murder ur murdering thousands of unborns every year . Black lives Don’t Matter when u r Aborting all those Black Babies So don’t try to make use believe u care about all blacks,Nothing could b futher from the Truth So it is Plain to see all we have to do is sit back & watch the population of black Race dwindle

  5. She’s saying the root cause of a lot of crime is poverty, poor education, barriers to good healthcare (both mental and physical).

    The criminal justice system rarely prevents crime, they essentially just lock people up after the crime has been committed and make money off free labor and the prison industrial complex.

    A lot of people who end up in prison are victims of circumstance. Being poor, being neglected or abused by parents or the foster care system, mental illness.

    I get the premise but I’m not hopeful it’ll ever come to fruition in America.

    Might as well find a nice foreign country that’s welcoming to Black Americans.

  6. This isn’t a novel idea nor did Patrice invent it. Read Angela Davis’s work on prison abolition.

    I’m skeptical of the concept of abolition. But not because I think we’ll turn into Gotham (and an anarchistic state). More likely most people would live life no differently than they are today. But there’s no doubt in my mind that a large segment of a society (without some form of governmental oversight) will devolve into fiefdoms where protection rackets emerge in place of state-sanctioned policing.

    But I also agree with Jay (and others). This isn’t really an either/or and police abolitionists are right that crime in and of itself isn’t necessarily intrinsic to human nature. Nah, the crime we see today is caused by poverty, poor education, and lack of access to basic human needs. Their argument is that when we fix those problems we won’t NEED what we have now – which is a glorified police state. We won’t need police stalking the streets for “drug criminals,” because we wouldn’t be criminalizing drugs.

    Their policy prescriptions deserve a place at the table and health debate. I’m not here to dismiss it or catastrophize it because it’s a radical solution. There will be plenty of that coming from the right wing.

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