tumblr_mw8c73iqLa1qck7xro1_500broderick hunter.
the foxhole model wolf legend.
i always felt like he was a mystery.
i knew nothing about him besides looking like “sex in print“.
well here is a video from top black models with a little bit of his background.
of course i got a few new prints of his as well…

tumblr_m3qhnjqdya1qci9uio1_250i knew he had a little african mandingo warrior in him.
i know ya’ll want it in you as well.
it’s good to see him working tho.
i would love to interview him one day for the foxhole.
that is if i ever go back to ny.
we’ll see what 2014 will hold!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (470)

  1. Oh my damn. Oh my damn. My heart is skipping beats and I think I am about to go into cardiac arrest.This man is so fine he blows my mind. I just need fifteen minutes of his time to uh…talk to him for a while. I just wanna talk to him, and get to know him a little better. *smiles*

  2. Yeah, he seems like a great example of the ideal black man. Intelligent, athletic, witty, gorgeous, and driven.

  3. He is the type of man I would love to date forever. Beautiful full lips for kissing, gorgeous skin to feel and a great body to make love to. And what even turn me more on is that he sound so sweet. He is a good example for some black men to be instead of being a hoodrat.

  4. YUp..i would give it to hm any day any night and if he prefers to give me WHAT I WOULD DO WITH IT IS UNPRINTABLE…

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