Black People Will Be Considered “Exxxoticals” Later On

acid_picdump_139i got this on one of my favorite wolf’s instagram today.
isn’t that crazy?
well i guess the color struck negros of 2014 are in the wrong generation.
to think that this…
changing-faces-615…will be the norm pretty soon.
in history books,
people of color will be considered “exotic”.
that’s so crazy to me.
everyone wolf gonna look like:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.16.49 PMyup.
“devane” on every block.
im not saying that look isn’t enticing,
but ummerraahhh…
i like a little dark meat in my diet so…
tumblr_mkolbb66sY1qcgdb7o1_400yeah, id be bored with “multi meat”.
im sure the color struck gay negros of 2014 gon’ hate they were born in the wrong generation as well.

anyway *waves* “hi everyone!”.
updates soon.

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15 thoughts on “Black People Will Be Considered “Exxxoticals” Later On

  1. Oh, he is exxxotical alright lol.
    He isn’t THAT much darker than he is in his pics, but he’s dark enough not to be considered light skinned. If it makes sense, he’s the lightest of the dark meat lol. He’s caramel (dark skinned… but barely).
    He’s pretty much this colour:

    I actually think that he would be prettier/sexier/more appealing with a chocolate skin tone tho. His eyes would pop even more <3

    I don't chill with him, we ain't even in the same social circles, but he always seems quiet and laid back. He is approachable tho. Then again, he's Jamaican. And I know all too well how protective Jamaican men are of their masculinity LOL.

  2. I have to ask Jamari..

    Do you really think that DeVane is light skinned? I’m not attacking, I’m genuinely interested…

      1. Hey Jamari, in *LOVE* with this site.
        He is not some Wesley Snipes looking nigga, but he’s not light skinned either.
        You know that family of browns that are located midway between dark skinned and light skinned? I seem him as around that area lol (medium brown (think Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Meagan Good, Whitney Houston etc.))…

        He kind of reminds me of Malcolm X (who also had fairer skin and green eyes). Malcolm X was three quarters black and one quarter white. He is clearly mixed, but he looks predominantly black. We have to consider that he’s Jamaican, and having moved to North America, his skin isn’t going to look as dark as it naturally is.

        1. ^thank you don!
          he always look so exxxotical in his pics lol
          good lightening im guessing.
          what is he like in person?
          i always imagined quiet and kinda suave…

  3. Everyone is gonna be light skin? Oh no! That is gonna be an issue, I like more than one skin tone lol.

  4. I mean, I am mulatto, and I’m happy with what I am, but dark skinned blacks (in my opinion and view) are the most physically attractive people in existence. Shit, I spent the first ten years of my nineteen year existence being jealous of dark skinned black guys…

    On a more positive note, I have never known that DeVane Daley was THAT light skinned. In every other picture that I’ve seen of him he looks medium brown (like Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston). I still do not think that he is mulatto though. I don’t see it. He’s probably one quarter or one eighth white (like Malcolm X), but he looks predominantly black. He even said on his twitter that he sees himself as medium brown, and not light skinned (not that any of this actually matters lol).

    1. Right? DeVane doesn’t seem like the best example of a light skinned or mulatto dude. Then again I go to USF and I’ve actually seen DeVane in person. That guy either has flash on his camera every time or he edits his pics lol. he ain’t light at all

  5. i don’t think it’s accurate, cultures have been mixing since the beginning of time, we still have and always will have people of different complexions and etc. Scientists and geneticists try to predict whats going to come of the future and etc and are always off somewhat…and in regards to Africa, Africa is a continent full of many different countries that speak Arabic, french, spanish, dutch, Portuguese, swahili and etc so like i said i feel this is just an hypothesis

  6. I don’t know what the big deal, I mean, if you were to look at Latin America the first place to be real mixed with many cultures especially Brazilians the mixed of them all. And aren’t majority of the African Americans are mixed? So I don’t why the National Geographic act like this is new, this shit is old.

  7. I’m light skinned but I’m mostly attracted to darker skinned men. It’s a shame that even within the black community there is a type of racism that values light over dark. I think one of the reasons why black is so beautiful is because it comes in all shades…we got everything from chalk to charcoal…and it’s all special and beautiful in its own way.

  8. Notice it’s only half-Black people being shown.There’s no reason to fight it anymore.This is what White people want, this is what Black people want, and this is what Mixed people want.I really don’t give a shit anymore.They might as well write underneath “this is what the average Sub Saharan African will look like” as well because Africa is slowly being taken over too.I was hoping that Black people would drop the self hate so in the future we could look back and say “We lost the battle but we won the war.”Nope, color struck mulatto worshiping negros outweigh us all.

    On a side note, that girl’s lips are bigger than mine.Goddamn! she got some big ass lips.

    I just noticed that the girl, the blonde boy, and the dude in the last pic, look like albino Black people… weird.

    White people are pushing this mixed race thing so hard now.Well, you can stop, I give up.Black people will be extinct by 2100 and everybody can rejoice and sing Hallelujah since it seems to be what everybody wants.Notice they love putting “half” or “part” in front of black.That’s how they prefer their black.Asians will be next.By the next millennium, everybody will be tan Whites.

    Those mixed kid’s parents love exploiting them.Hell, mixed people love exploiting themselves.

    1. ^it seems like more men are mixing with exxxotical women than anything else.
      black men are turned off from black
      women these days.
      online especially where people’s REAL prejudices can fly.

      1. I actually see it equally from both Black men and Black women.Black men keep getting with these trashy ugly White women and Black women will be up under any non-Black man that says he likes Black women or hints at it.Seriously, they have blogs and forums dedicated to it.I was on a blog the other day and one Black woman claimed that these singing Asian dudes really wanted to be with Black women and married Asian women because they had to.This seems to be a thing with them lately.Even fans of that show called Scandal that you watch, claimed Kerry and the guy that plays the President went with each other in real life even though he’s married.

        I don’t like when Black men get all the blame, they don’t have blogs and forums dedicated to Black men that date outside their race like Black women do.

        One thing I hate about it is when the Black person refers to the non-Black person as having jungle fever.They do realize that saying someone has jungle fever isn’t a compliment, it’s an insult.

        I told you it’s pointless to keep acknowledging this.Black people need non-Black people to give us a self esteem boost.Notice you never see anything about interracial this and mixed race that in White magazines.We can’t get one Black magazine without that shit being in there.

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