Karma Got That Raw 15 Inch Pipe For Your Ass

tumblr_lmoox3JCQJ1qirazwo1_500_largei was having an interesting discussion with my straight wolf friend last night.
well call my straight wolf friend “left”,
because sometimes he goes completely left field.
i gotta be the one to get him right.
last night he was “right”.
so the subject was that of “karma”.
i believe everything you do comes back to you,
but i was becoming a slave to it.
always trying to do the right thing so the universe didn’t punish me.
we all get like that after traumatic situations happen.
praying extra hard while trying to wear the halo you dusted off.
i felt drained because i feel like i kept losing.
losing myself.
shit god was cock blockin’ my life!
this is what he said…

“karma happens when you over step your boundaries.
meaning if you keep doing the same things,
over and over,
with intent to hurt someone/people.
 if you expel rudeness and hate to everyone,
people who did nothing to you,
that’s when karma will teach you to sit your ass down.
you can’t go through life thinking everything you do will bring about bad karma.
its okay to have to curse someone out when they cross the line.
it’s when you keep doing it like a bully,
that’s when you gotta watch ya back.”

2-2after we got off the phone.
i tried to prove that theory.
since we don’t know the same people,
i had to use celebrities for this example.
look at evelyn lozada for instance.
she had to curse a few people out,
but she didn’t over step her boundaries.
it was when she turned on her friend,
and acted like a bitch to her for no reason,
is when shit hit the fan.
the same wolf her friend warned her about,
is the same wolf she butted heads with.
50 cent is another example.
he came in the game and literally murdered the careers of all murder inc.
he had a legit reason in doing so.
the battle was won and there was this “calm” period.
well he started randomly going after other rappers.
people who did nothing to him.
well his career has clearly diminished and now he is in the same boat as his enemy.
another ultimate example of karma is:
DameDash4JayZread up on him.

i’m realizing recently i became way too nice.
everything that has happened within the last year or two bent me over.
and not in the good way.
people would do/says things to me,
with intent to hurt me,
and i allowed it like a dumb ass.
everything was going wrong in my life and i felt like a bad person.
asking myself if i did something wrong?
trying to figure out what exactly.
i started OD walking on egg shells because i didn’t want to upset the universe.
it looked like took my money,
the parental units,
and my ace boon fox.
was it karma?
or was that just shit that happens in “life”?
well I’m done with wondering the what “ifs” and “the whys”.
the only time karma comes back is when you do things out of spite.
once you and i realize that,
life will be back to the way it once was.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Karma Got That Raw 15 Inch Pipe For Your Ass”

  1. I think Dame dash. He does no managing any more and all he currently known for as of now is co-partner on the hood brand “Vampire Life” with Jim Jones. Jay Z has millions , got a stadium, basketball team, contract with Barney’s.

  2. I sooooooo needed to read this. Not to toot my own horn but I like to think I’m a nice person who goes above and beyond for others. I’m passive because I’m afraid if I’m not karma will get me in the ass.

  3. well, karma will come to you when you do bad things to people who showed you love and care , i remember this girl had a husband, the dude bough her a car and a house, couple months later the bitch run away with a younger dude, well things later got messed up between the woman and the young guy, it wend so far that the young guy use to beat the shit out of her .
    and thats one of the examples of karma,

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