Pre-Baller Wolf, Dalaun Richardson: The New “Carlton”?

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.10.54 PMeveryone meet pre baller wolf and part time comedian,
daluan richardson.
his dossier, you ask?
  running back for the shenandoah hornets
originally from centreville, va
an f-bi introduced me to a bunch of his funny vines.
well lets check out some of my favorites

ya know,
he isn’t ugly either:

nice lips d!
i wonder if he has a big d in that little package?
he’s a ball of energy,
ain’t he?
i like his confidence.
he doesn’t take himself too seriously.
very attractive,
but is it just me or does he remind you of:

67960-8bit-carlton-dance-gif-KDagi was low key waiting for ( x tom jones ) to play in the background.
don’t sleep because dalaun has some rhythm:

uh uh.
get it.
get it.
how many pre/baller wolves you know could move like that?

17 thoughts on “Pre-Baller Wolf, Dalaun Richardson: The New “Carlton”?

  1. i grew up in the hood, philly all day, but let me find a silly attractive brotha who doesnt take himself seriously and thats the one i’m settling with…hood niggas try to be hard to be tough, and many of them have things that they are dealing with but dont know how to express themselves… hood brothas are good for one thing: sex anything else you might as well forget it lol

    1. Yea man, that’s why I said he’s not my type. I am very urban and street and my dude has to be at least close to that.

      1. I feel you. I’m kinda the same way. I didn’t grow up in the hood per se but it wasn’t too far from where i lived so alot of my friends are hood as hell. lol! The type of men and women I tend to be attracted to have some type of hood in em. idk call me crazy but that’s what i like.

      2. A lot of my friends are hood, and I did not grow up there either so it is what it is. Any black guy who acts like the average black man is pretty much what I like. He just has to have a little street in him, and luckily for me most black men have street in them lol.

        I could not date a white man in a black man’s body. Those are not my types. Our personalities would not mesh together.

  2. That ASS though, wow what are they putting in milk these days. If he has long football career, I see he will be an endorsers dream with that energy.

  3. He is so cute and so gay. What str8 boy can move his booty and hips like that without someone hitting that, hmmmm?

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