Rest In Paradise To The Great, Nelson Mandela

mandela3rip nelson mandela.
(1918 – 2013)
he fought a good fight,
but now he’s at peace.
i’m not as sad at his death since it wasn’t a tragic end.
he was older and you have to expect it was coming.
he did good while he was on this earth,
changed the world,
became the first black president of south africa,
and is cemented within the history books.
for that i pay my respects.
the coming generations will learn about this great man who fought for what he believed in.
i’d say he had a good run,
don’t you?

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6 thoughts on “Rest In Paradise To The Great, Nelson Mandela

  1. A man like him won’t come around again….he is one of a kind. A true hero. P.S. He was not the first black prez on tbe African continent.

  2. He fought a good fight, and ran a good race, I salute him for a job well done. Rest In Peace, Mr. Mandela.

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