Don’t Go To Africa! (You’ll Get Ebola!)

i saw a recent covergirl tv commercial and saw ^this hyena in it.
i think i also saw the same in a l’oreal ad as well.
i was surprised they started putting males in their make up ads now.
well james charles,
the new covergirl “cover boy”,
is under fire for some recent tweets he made.
he thought by going to africa on a school trip,
he would get the ebola virus.
this is the story via ebony magazine
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You Can Have Idris Elba Without Sliding In His DMs

this maybe for “vixens only”,
but whenever big money is involved,
it may just change.
so ^that could be idris elba getting ready for a date with you.
it is definitely not a joke.
idris is auctioning himself off as a “date” for valentine’s day.
it’s still not a joke.
check out the ad for this date…
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Rest In Paradise To The Great, Nelson Mandela

mandela3rip nelson mandela.
(1918 – 2013)
he fought a good fight,
but now he’s at peace.
i’m not as sad at his death since it wasn’t a tragic end.
he was older and you have to expect it was coming.
he did good while he was on this earth,
changed the world,
became the first black president of south africa,
and is cemented within the history books.
for that i pay my respects.
the coming generations will learn about this great man who fought for what he believed in.
i’d say he had a good run,
don’t you?

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“The Many Faces of Fuck Up” Starring Breezy Wolf

breezy wolf.
the days of him looking like this…


…are distant memories.
what is happening in his life?
breezy wolf has had a week of fuck ups.
what’s new?
from going in on a valet attendant over 5 dollars:

i would have to punch him in his throat.
way too close baby boy.)

being wanted by the ghana police for smoking weed on stage:

but everyone today is talking about him looking like this

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You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

i caught up with a sista friend yesterday.
when we talk,
it is always a deep conversation about life.
my favorite!
the topic was black people.
we got onto the subject of skin color.
she said that if beyonce was as dark as her,
she would not have nearly the amount of success that she has.
“i kinda agree”.
she also pondered why these sistas in the industry always dye their hair blonde?
i often wondered myself because many of them looking stunning with darker hair.
before we hung up,
she said i should thank my parents i am able to “pass“.
“life is not to kind to dark berries,” she said.
that part left me confused…

… but i got it.
i wanted to say it hasn’t got me a job,
but whatever.
i started to wonder if the lighter the skin,
the more open the magic door of acceptance?
would life,
according to her,
be amazing if you “pass“?…

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I’m About To Commit Suicide So He Will Stop Cheating On Me!

Well guess what ma?
There goes that extra child support he has to worry about…
… and his pipe lands in back up twat after the funeral.


On this weeks episode of “When Birds Fly The Coop“…

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