Don’t Go To Africa! (You’ll Get Ebola!)

i saw a recent covergirl tv commercial and saw ^this hyena in it.
i think i also saw the same in a l’oreal ad as well.
i was surprised they started putting males in their make up ads now.
well james charles,
the new covergirl “cover boy”,
is under fire for some recent tweets he made.
he thought by going to africa on a school trip,
he would get the ebola virus.
this is the story via ebony magazine

Last year James Charles made history by transcending the mainstream boundaries to take on the role of CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson. This internet star quickly became the talk of the beauty world sparking an abundance of social media praise. However, yesterday, while preparing for a school trip abroad the “CoverBoy” tweeted:

The backlash was instantaneous. Charles first defended his tweet by dismissing it as a joke but after coming under heavy twitter fire went on to issue an apology that in summary refers to his tasteless tweet as a thoughtless mistake.

Let’s not gloss over the fact that he calls Africa a country. As we later learned, he a was in fact headed to South Africa, the country.

At age 17, Charles’ actions could easily be dismissed as youthful ignorance. But should it? Many are crying out for CoverGirl to be held responsible for this blunder and there are talks of boycotting the brand until Charles has been removed as brand ambassador.

CoverGirl issued a statement to New York Magazine’s style news site, The Cut, stating “James Charles’ tweet does not represent COVERGIRL’s perspective. We agree his statements were inappropriate but appreciate that he has issued an apology. We are an inclusive brand and respect all people and cultures.”

am i the only one disturbed that he was tweeting in third person?
i don’t know if that’s “his thing”,
but he should stop that.
it’s weird.
well covergirl tweeted their thoughts on the issue:
even tho he is 17,
he is still rather dense.
africa is a “country”?
is he learning in school or too busy applying make up?
if he was black,
and said he didn’t want to go to china in fear of catching the bird flu,
his ass would have been gone.
am i lying?
you know i’m not.
this hyena i’m sure will be the next big star after this scandal.
funny just how that works.
article taken: ebony magazine

33 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Africa! (You’ll Get Ebola!)

  1. Somehow my comment ended up under something I disagree with, but yes JAY & Black First, you are spot on… That’s why I can’t get down with the folks who say it’s not a racial issue. But you know we as Black folks (well not all of us, but a large percentage) love to protect those who harm us.

  2. So much c00ning and caping in this comment. You know black folks love to defend massah…
    Very sad…I’d love to see the day where BLACK EMPOWERMENT is front and center. When we’ll have the power to punish and cut off those who say think they can mistreat black people. But black people will continue to make excuses for the white man’s bigotry…”well maybe if we pulled up our pants, maybe if dealt with the violence in Chicago…” etc. same white supremacist talking points.

  3. Not surprised at most you caping for this idiot. Black gay men have a whole dissertation to share about homophobia in the black community and the church, but are mute when it comes to others in the LGBT community.

    He’s a spokeperson for a worldwide brand.
    If his statements don’t reflect that brand, then his ignorant ass doesn’t need to represent it.

  4. Greetings, my friend, sometimes Guru, social media journalist, and purveyor of “meat”….

    It has been a minute since I responded to anything, but, after reading some of the comments, I’m taking the time to respond to this post.

    Louis Phillipe hit it in the head with his response, particularly when you consider his nationality. This little boy is ignorant, and quite possibly racist, but is the hoopla over what he said really that big a deal when we are dealing with a President that is working hard to either turn us over to Russia or start WWIII? I cannot tell you the depth of ignorance Americans of African descent demonstrate on a regular basis. I am not giving the boy a a pass, but people the world over refer to the continent as a country as a result of propaganda and miseducation.

    Again, I have not seen or read the kid’s other tweets, but this one is an example of ignorance and youth. There are stoopidicrous comments, racist comments, and stoopidicrous racist comments. This tweet falls under simply stoopidicrous. Look at how often Raven Symone has made ignorant statements about her own race. Jamari, you yourself have posted about Don Lemon’s stereotypical and hypocritical statements. As far as I know, neither of them have made half the attempt of an apology this boy made.

    Jamari, one of the things I like best about your blog is your ownership of the labels you place on people: fox, wolf, vixen, hyena vs. nigga and bitch. Black, Asian, Latino and Hispanic people across the nation refer to each other as niggas and bitches, but will go apeshit crazy if a White person says it. When I first moved to Texas, I worked in a tex-mex restaurant. I heard a lot of the Hispanic men using the word nigga to refer to each other and black men who worked there. The first time one used it toward me, I went LEFT…..HARD. I grew up in Montgomery, AL, and any race other than Black would get physically and verbally drug if they THOUGHT nigga to loud. Eventually, the guys at work stopped using the term in my presence, but I know they didn’t stop using it altogether.

    My point is we as an ethnic group cannot continue this culture of derogatory language and comments amongst and about our own communities only to turn around and get pissed when younger, more ignorant juveniles of other races begin doing the same. We want this teenager fired for his ignorant joke, but Black comedians use the “country” of Africa as the basis for jokes as part of their stand-up routines in front of racially diverse audiences. Should the white people in the audience be taken to task for repeating a joke they heard at a comedy show?

    P.S. I hate how your new job worked out. Know that prayers were lifted when I read your post about it. I am not sure where you are on the religious/spiritual spectrum, but I hope you know that HE provides, and there is always a blessing in the storm.

    1. ^thank you taylor and thanks to everyone who answered.
      this is all debate and being able to see everyone’s opinions,
      regardless if we agree or disagree.
      that’s what makes the foxhole so great to me.
      i can see everything you all said and take it into my real life.

      thank you for the well wishes and the compliments.
      i appreciate you and please keep me in your prayers!
      have a good day and stay blessed!

      1. Oh jamari we love you and regardless of how much we may disagree we love and care about you and wouldn’t have you any other way.😘

  5. Oh my God!! LP, you said nothing but the truth mon frere!!

    Where are you from? Ivory Coast here!

  6. Folks love to explain away shit for white people when they wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire.

    We already know white gays are as racist and insensitive as the straights. We dont owe them the benefit of the doubt and his non-apology made that clear.

    1. Umm…..With all due respect to you why is that every time a black person or anybody for that matter thinks rationally and logically or opinions expressed doesn’t align with the typical narrative it’s always dismissed why is that?

    2. ^THIS! That’s why I can’t get down with the folks who say it’s not a racial issue. But you know we as Black folks love to protect those who harm us.

  7. The comment was ignorant and very stupid, but I’m not going the racist route with this one. Let’s not throw around the racist word until we are faced with a REAL racist. He’s a 17 year old idiot, but I’m not giving him a pass either. He could still be racist as hell, but from what i read there, I wouldn’t know that, but I do know he’s an idiot.

    Should he get fired though? Hm, don’t think so, but don’t care, it honestly makes no difference, but I will say this, if it’s okay to fire a black or any other non-white model for the same reasons, then I see no problem with telling this child to pack his bags. For those reasons, he would need to go.

  8. As an African (yes from that big country lol) this is a non issue. You have François Fillon, presidential candidate who said France should not be ashamed of colonisation because France is not guilty of wanting to share its culture, like colonisation was just an student exchange program. You have african people like egyptians or morrocans who don’t consider themselves as africans, they don’t even know Africa history except theirs. So i couldn’t care less about what a 17yo white american boy could say. He’s young and stupid, he issued kinda decent apologies. That’s it.

    1. ^but see louis,
      that’s where i have to stop you.
      if he was black and made a comment similar to that,
      they would have dragged and fired him.
      we need to stop being so “oh it’s not an issue” when this same 17 year old white male has been doing/liking suspect racist things on his twitter.
      if other races can band together and have US dropped for nonsense,
      we need to do the same when they do/say dumb shit.
      he deserves every inch of the backlash he is getting.

      1. See when i say it’s not an issue it’s more like when a child or a old person or somebody you just d’ont care about at all say something ignorant, you’re just like “whatever” and you move on because that person is not worth it.

        If he was black i’m sure they would have dropped his ass already you’re right about that and it’s sad but Jamari let’s not act like what he said was a white vs black thing and imma tell you why it’s not at least for me (and i’m sure for many africans).


        Seriously i got the ebola joke many times, with the AIDS joke and famine and lack technology, and electricity and drinkable water and the list goes on. And i could not believe it was coming from black people. You expect blacks to be a little more aware of what goes on in Africa than the majority and other minorities in America but even west indians talk shit about Africa. Black european same thing.

        Try to read the nasty comments peopel make on the shaderoom when they post about Africa and then they try to say they’re joking

        So let’s be real here it’s not a black vs white it’s WESTERN MENTALITY. For me it’s just another stupidity about Africa regardless the race of that boy and i rather be focused on a more important thing than another non african who thinks Africa is : diseases, poverty, animals, forest, war and safari.

    2. Oh my God!! Louis Philippe, you said nothing but the truth mon frere!!

      Where are you from? Ivory Coast here!

  9. Not surprised. I would give ms thang a pass, considering he’s only 17, but his initial back and forth tweets with his “fans” was unnecessarily negative. Young ppl always wanna clapback with no thought. Sidenote…Do white ppl only go to Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa? There are other countries in Africa!

      1. Exactly Jamari. Those follow up responses do not represent someone who is remorseful or sorry for their actions.

  10. I can understand people being young and making mistakes hell at 17 lord know came out of my mouth. When I was in high school kids made lots of dumb ass jokes at the same time at 17 I wasn’t a Internet personality making money and being on YouTube. I also was not the ambassador of a huge ass make up company.

    I’m coughing this up to ignorance and white privilege.

  11. Covergirl can dump that gutter trout back in the sewers from once he came. White gays are now practically more racist than straight white men. All it proves is that sexuality does not define and change you cus deep down you could still be a racist honkie. Let me stop…

    1. So you actually believe that was a racist comment how so? when he clearly made no mention of black people no where in his statement yeah what he said may have been in poor judgement and possibly bad taste but what do you expect from a 17yr old of any color people just need to stop being so sensitive this PC shit is really ruining our culture.

      1. ^that was a racist and ignorant comment he made.

        17 or not,
        he is the spokesperson for a major make up brand.
        you don’t spout out things that will offend a large group of people.
        he is going to south africa and all he is thinking about it getting ebola?
        there is not being pc and then there is being a dumb ass.
        he is the latter.

      2. I calls like I seez it. It is a known FACT that MOST white gays are notoriously racist. He was traveling to Africa where he thought he may get Ebola. If he didn’t even know it wasn’t a country, do you think he knew Africa was a diverse continent with a multitude of traditions and cultures? Nope. Miss me with sympathy. If people want to pull the “not mature enough” clause, fine. But then his ass need to sit at home like other 17 yr olds and pick up a book. Better yet get that fool a globe. On top of that, his make up is horrible. Who is out here looking like Billie Ann Jean with fake freckles? Who Sway?

      3. Well jamari were just going to have to agree to disagree because I don’t see anything that was remotely racist in his comments just like the commenter below you said his perspective of Africa is purely Western ignorance spoken out of the mind of a seventeen year old child so all this misguided animosity towards this kid is unfair regardless of what color he is we as black Americans have more bigger issues to deal with than this it’s a non-issue in the bigger scheme of things wouldn’t you agree friend in my head?

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