Tremaine Neverson Lays It Down For Breakfast

great minds think alike.
didn’t i tell tremaine neverson he should name his new album,
in that last entry?
he even grew his hair out when i suggested it in the past too.
it’s good to see tremaine subconsciously on my foxtail flow.
so as you know,
or don’t,
but the “tremaine the playboy” reality show is a fake.

did you know it’s all to sell ^that new album?
another “duh”?
well he had a conversation with the breakfast club today.
the “keke palmer” drama,
tearing up that stage in detroit,
and why he doesn’t have cubs yet.
he also answered if he smashed khloe k.

him so handsome.
i could not stop looking at him during that interview.
i would love to sit on his face.
he seemed irritated tho.
it looked like after envy said he was allegedly “gay and sucks dick”,
it all went downhill from there.
i can’t really call the “keke” drama tbh.
i still don’t get it,
but whatever.
i appreciate how honest he comes he is tho.
he doesn’t address any issues like others so it adds to his mystique.
it seems like he is showing who he really is nowadays.
a cocky summabish who is woke and likes to fuck.
i’m not mad.
this new album may go in the direction of being more personal.
this is the first video,
and episode 1 from the reality show,
from this “tremaine” era called “nobody else but you”:

…in which i realllllllllly liked it.
i’m not just saying this because i want him to smash.
i like the lyrics because i can relate to it heavy.
it is the story for many in trying to date.
well alright tremaine.
10+ foxhole points so far.
i’ll stick around to see what else you got.
you can check out more about tremaine on:

x tremaine the playboy


….and then this:

i’m delirious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Tremaine Neverson Lays It Down For Breakfast”

  1. When char asked if Angie was with her boyfriend tre had this look like “is he talking to me” I think he is bisexual

      1. ^word!

        i’ve always liked him since his first album.
        i knew people who knew him when he use to perform shows at va state.
        i ryde with him heavy.
        he is cocky,
        but harmless.

  2. I like many of his songs, and he is handsome….but he doesn’t do it for me like he does for so many others.
    I don’t know what the appeal is. To me he comes across as one of those dudes who talks a good game…but is a big disappointment when it comes to the “main event”. LOL

    1. I used to think he was so fine back in the day, but his act got old and corny to me years ago. He’s a handsome man but not my thing.

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