Steven Beck Works (Little) Hard For The Money?

so steven beck got ya’ll hard earned,
or your parents hard earned,
money to see this on his connectpal

…can’t we see him do this on his reality show?
does he at least drop trou?
if he isn’t doing that in front of me,
or on top of me,
then i’m not interested.
i’ll stick to gawkin’ over his pictures and call it a day.

lowkey: hell,
ya’ll got ( x khalil wells ) fuckin’ foxhole on his connectpal now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Steven Beck Works (Little) Hard For The Money?”

  1. When he posted on his page he said he does take off the pants and underwear…Why anyone would pay to see him do that tho is beyond me. He’s eye candy for sure but, do I really need to pay to see him do what so many others are doing for free?? Nah, I don’t.

  2. He posted this video on his IG four days ago and said in the caption that he removes his pants and briefs on Connectpal.IDK if he did dance in the nude because I am too frugal to pay for this or for porn.#cheapandproud­čśé

  3. It’s shameful on many levels that it’s become culturally acceptable that people reduce themselves to this level of existence. Just an observation. Reminds me of that Beyonce song Hollywood.

    1. ^This! I’ve been telling ppl to listen closely to that song. But yes it’s so sad, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to throw out the values of generations past to make a dollar. The more time passes the more ppl seem willing to do anything for some quick money (but not even thinking about stability, let alone benefits). This is the age where “aspiring stripper” or “fitness model” with no real idea of what it’s like to be a professional model is becoming more and more prevalent.

      1. They feel that because they look good and have a nice body, they can become a fitness model/personal trainer/professional thot. It’s sad.
        So many dudes on IG calling themselves personal trainers. Get certified THEN call yourself a trainer. Just because you’re in the gym lifting daily, that doesn’t qualify you as a trainer. Half of them probably don’t even know the muscle groups or what to do if someone injures themselves. LOL

  4. I’ll continue to look at his pics. Don’t need to see the struggle strip dance.
    Guess George and Heat been whispering in his ear about damn Connectpal! LOL

  5. I guess those Black Magic checks aren’t enough to make ends meet. I hope he is using his current tv platform to move up in life cus stripping should be a road stop not a destination.

    1. I don’t think they are. Does anyone know how the show is doing in the ratings? Enough to warrant another season? I stopped watching after the episode where Beyonce’s backup dancer changed their dance routine.

      1. I still watch.The season finale is this Wednesday.They only filmed 8 episodes.Alvester was kicked off this week because he was missing rehearsals to work on his own music video.I guess we will learn Wednesday if they will film additional episodes if things work out in Vegas.

  6. Steven you’re cute and have a banging body BUT that’s about it. What are you doing that half of these attentionistos are not. I’m not going to sit here and claim not to enjoy seeing hot men showing off their bodies and other regions but any least go above and beyond. That struggle grinding is nothing that the others don’t already do.

    P.S. It took me forever to get into Khalil wells because while I liked his body I wasn’t into his face like that. But already he gets his fan base and took the plunge and dipped into some fox cheeks.

  7. Khalil is the only one I’d pay for. He has sex appeal and is a certified nudist. Idk who the hell this guy is up there…but all I see is the typical tattooed gym rat that expects everything but gives nothing.

    And to echo on the hilarity of people and social media. I recently passed a girl’s GoFundMe page. She was asking for 10,000 dollars cause “financial aid playing with her school money” or whatever. I though it was a joke but the overabundance of grammatical errors and millennial slang really irritated me and I bypassed her to donate to someone else.

    Are folks these days really that lazy and obtuse?

  8. He really does need to differentiate himself.

    Sidenote: all the “this generation” and “values” talk is so tired. This shit aint new. The platform just changed lolol.

  9. Steven is only 25.Personally I think it’s great that he was able to book Vivica’s Black Magic especially with no dance experience.He seems to be doing different things with the hatline,the calender,the training,etc.He was just on an Arizona morning show with a guy who owns a catering/ meals delivery business Chef Ron with Food Vision so he may be a spokesman.

    I am not going to write him off because he is still young.I know somebody has expressed interest in him for some acting role because his former agent mentioned it in his comments.

    For the guys in the 30s and 40s doing this, they may need to reevaluate or look at other options.Just like with strippers.Being a stripper or porn star at 25 is one thing,at 45 it’s sad,IMO

    1. @Y Colette…he also has a clothing line that he’s working on. So he puts his “hoe dollars” to work VERY well unlike other attentionistos. That chef is a good friend of his and he promotes him on his page often.
      If he plays his cards right, and isn’t an arrogant person, he can go far. His good looks are what got Vivica’s attention, and I’m sure the attention of others if he has interest in him. He isn’t a dumb guy at all, and from the looks of it, he’s marketing himself VERY well. On the negative side….his crave/love for attention could also be his downfall. I wish him luck though.

      Yeah…these old kats that are still stripping need to give it up. You’re right…it is sad.

  10. Y’all hoes sound so hypocritical.. Yall judging him yet at the same time you consume porn on Myvidster on a daily basis… What’s sad is when dudes post nudes for free lol… If you ain’t making money what’s the point? I’m a huge connectpal can, I wish it was here 10 yrs ago. Currently there is only 30 black gay men with active pages on there, it should be 300 lol Y’all bitches are the reason why so many Phone dudes won’t do connectpal. Calm down and let these guys get their coins

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