How To Escort Without A Old Sweaty Male On Top of You

in 2017,
almost everyone is showing us how horny and freaky they are.
nudes get leaked every minute on tumblr.
some have realized there is money to be made.
so instead of joining a porn company,
they realized their (smart) phones are a money making tool.

you know the rest…
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Flashman Wade Serves CAKE

flashman wade wants to serve you cake.
he has a “super dee duper” fat tail for a wolf,
but he is shooting scenes for his “cakebook”.
what a way to capitalize.
this is some of the bts
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Heat Ain’t Poppin ‘n’ Lockin Fast Enough on Connectpal?

this is why i don’t get into this connectpal shit.
so everyone meet heat.
you remember him?
he is the dominican stripper attentionisto with the pop ‘n’ lock moves.
i guess he wanted to try something new for 16′ christmas:

…or not.
well it seems that now heat is a big reality tv star on lifetime’s “black magic”,
he hasn’t been updating his connectpal for his fans.
one of the f-bi sent me some of his comments under that picture…
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The Attentionistos Could As Well “Connectpal” the Sex Tapes Now

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.12.48 PMthe attentionistos are out here asking you to pay to see their peens.
they will sit up there,
straight flexing in a video,
asking you to pay some ridiculous amount.
connectpal is the new “hoe stroll”.
there is no more standing on a street corner,
flashing a little leg,
and hoping someone rich pulls over while avoiding the police.
most of the attentionistos are pulling out their laptops,
finding their best angles with the baby oil,
and making their peens do a little dance.
i’ve noticed something…
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