How To Escort Without A Old Sweaty Male On Top of You

in 2017,
almost everyone is showing us how horny and freaky they are.
nudes get leaked every minute on tumblr.
some have realized there is money to be made.
so instead of joining a porn company,
they realized their (smart) phones are a money making tool.

you know the rest…

flashman wade knows where his bunz are buttered.
he realized he has something most gays will pay to see.
steven beck,
george hill,
khalil wells,
and others also decided to join in and drop their drawz as well.

if you gonna get naked/fuck online…

Why not get paid for it?

it makes sense.
not many have that business sense tho.
they are still providing tumblr more business with free nudes.
baiters are still profiting off idiots privates.

We still need idiots out there

so how do you launch a successful connectpal?
these are my thoughts:

1 – your content should always be interesting.

only jack off videos?
showing your bunz in many angles?
*changes channel*
it needs to switch up ever so often.
if i’m paying to be turned on,
i need to be entertained.
your audience is paying hard earned money to nut.
what do you have to offer that a free leak doesn’t?

2 – update! update! update!

that is the problem too.
these update “every 2-3 weeks” thing doesn’t work.
God forbid you update the same shit you did the last time.
i say an update needs to happen every week,
if not every weekend.
that should be some time to generate interest between releases.
stop promising viewers updates as well.
i see a lot of complaints with that. beyonce doesn’t tell you when an album drops.
it just happens.

you also need to be sexually appealing.
bawdy needs to be “escort” worthy.
clean rooms are a big plus as well.
i can’t be turned on if i’m wondering what lives under your bed.
being an attentionisto helps tremendously as well.
so if you’re gonna get caught out here with your nudes/sex tapes…

Get paid for it.

lowkey: khalil wells really goes in with his ( x connectpal ).

x check out connectpal for more

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “How To Escort Without A Old Sweaty Male On Top of You”

  1. I never understood how some people seem above using/paying for a connectpal account. I don’t think there is anything wrong with supporting someone’s hustle. The issue is that the people who use this medium don’t always provide a good product.

      1. And the prices are about as much as a fast food combo, so there isn’t much risk if it sucks,

  2. Jamari Fox 😑. Whyyyyy u giving away ya tips for free? We love you for it, us in the foxhole community, but you know these pineapples will take ya info, run with it, profit from it, you will feature them in the Foxhole down the line, and then say “take me off that gay website, I’m not with the faggot shit.” Don’t let these pineapples get ya tips and then get a come up, this post could’ve been a mini e-book for $2.00 on Amazon Kindle.

    1. ^lmao I have so much more thoughts tho.

      that was basic common knowledge to me.
      most of the stuff i said is the main complaints from “fan” on certain attentionistos comment boxes.

      my ratchet side wants to see more fucking.
      im over his jack off shit LOL

    1. ^ugh.
      he is wack af to me now.
      he would have to release sex tapes with some bomb stroke for my interest to be even peaked.
      he passed his attentionisto prime.

      1. LOL. I heard that he posted some clips of him having sex with some chick, and people were saying it was whack! I’ve never seen it, so I can’t judge…yet.

  3. 😳 I saw Khalil bent over and suddenly forgot what the topic was about. Somebody, anybody! Please show me the uncensored version of that photo! Now please!

  4. Send this to all the attentionistos ASAP. Lol

    I’m not really into connectpal because to be honest there is better porn online for free. While the prices are low (usually 7.99 to 15 something) I put in the perspective of I pay 9.99 each for Netflix and Apple Music every month and I feel like I get my money’s worth for the most part. (more so on the Apple Music part since Netflix barley has newer movies, they’re original programming is hit or miss at times)

    Seeing some attentionisto dance sexy half naked or tease their dick print behind a towel for weeks leading up to them finally jacking off and then fucking some chick ain’t gonna cut for me .

  5. Maybe I’m getting old, but Khalil Wells looks 15 years old to me. Creepy.

    In any event, with all the free porn online even paying 7.99 to see some dude play with his dick is lame to me. None of these connectpals are really lit and the good ones will end up on tumblr or myvidster for free eventually.

      1. I wonder if I can find Andre Young and that tight booty. Now he makes me want to go GaGa. He does booty play and did I say he can suck his own dick with a body of a God, Damn!!

  6. Paying for any porn let alone to watch someone j/o is a nonsensical notion to me…and like many have already said, I can find 99% of any porn released on Myvidster…I mean u may have to battle a few pop-ups and attempted redirects, but I can handle that…

  7. I stopped using connectpal after getting burned too many times. You can’t see how many vids/photos a person has until you subscribe. Often times they’d have about 5 clips. Onlyfans is better you can see how many vids they’ve produced, how many likes they have & on some how many followers. That’ll give you an idea of the talent is actually producing worth paying.

  8. Y’all must ain’t seeing Khalil in the right light or something. He clearly looks 25 (around his age). Maybe it’s the glasses. I can’t be the only one to think the connectpal movement is rather stupid considering their is myvidster and that someone will rip the connectpal vids eventually. Also, I think its bullshit how these boring dudes wit bangin bodies try to make a profit off of folks with shabby ass content and teases when we have Myvidster…Show us something good new, kinky…Not peek-a-boo I see you flair…

    I also.agree with someone that said Only fans. It’s good.

    I’d love to get that sexy ML8807 vids but he is charging way to much for to see clips. I think his Tumblr post said $50 for 5 vids and $100 for 10 vids. I wonder how many folks will pay for that actually. 😐

  9. I don’t watch any of the others but @josephlysse mentioned Andre Young and that guy is fit. I’d subscribe to either him or Rick Washington, absolutely gorgeous guys!

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