House of Crap: Season 5?

so i been waiting for the new “house of cards” season on netflix.
as you know,
netflix only updates their show’s seasons every year.
so when it dropped last tuesday,
i was hype af.
right after the memorial day weekend festivities
who am i kidding?
i didn’t really do shit.
so i finished the entire season 5 today and…


the season started out so strong and took a severe nose dive.
they played the fuck out that election debacle.
it did not need all those episodes.
i did like seeing this snow wolf tho:

“will conway” played by joel kinnaman.
he is tall and muscular thick.
i wish we would have gotten a better sex scene from him tho.

this season was an eye opener for me on how the government works tho.
it mainly focused on:

  • voter manipulation; how things can be schemed to make someone win
  • creating drama to take the focus off something major in the underwood’s case,
    they created a fake terrorist attack to start a war.
    they did it so it could keep their impending scandals out the headlines.

i wanted more.
i felt it could have delivered,
but it jumped the shark towards the end.
a lot of random shit left me with questions:

how you push someone down some stairs before their testimony?
what was will conway’s secret?
why are all these damn characters getting killed off?
who the fuck is this random snow bunny who was poorly written in?

the upcoming season should be the last.
i don’t think there is anymore they can do at this point.
they sort of written themselves into a wall.
seasons 1 and 2 were the strongest.
season 3 was a bore.
season 4 was a solid comeback,
but i’m “ugh” on this season 5.
i liked seeing francis scheme for power in his rise to the top.
he is the big bad wolf you find yourself rooting for.
i can’t stand him now and i want him banished.

uh huh.

10 thoughts on “House of Crap: Season 5?

  1. Thought I was da only one Jamari! This season was beyond boring from start to finish for me, even the end where everyone was getting knocked off left and right I still wasn’t impressed. I think HoC should’ve ended last season. Watching Frank and Claire rise was pure entertainment and glory but now that they have the power wat else is there to do but fall from grace? Plus their comebacks and lines now sound so hammy whereas before they were the shows highlight.

  2. I’d like to see EMPIRE come to an end as well. Season 4 will hopefully end its run. Writing, character development and storyline structure have NOT at all improved since It’s inaugural episodes in 2015.

  3. Season 4 ended soooooooo well. Season 5 began just as strong.

    But the last few episodes. Jesus. The twist of the leaker, the way they decide to handle certain things, killing off all those people…

    Did they write themselves in a hole and not know how to handle it? I’m gna rewatch this weekend, but some new characters felt pointless and it was a lot less subtle in how they handled things.

    It feels like some daytime soap now. Sigh, and the last season was so good too.

    Joel Kinneman’s voice tho. He is pretty attractive, but when he talks, it just massages your ear drums. Something is really sexy about that baritone.

  4. Strongly disagree Jamari! I binge watched Season 5 earlier this week and I thought it was one of the best seasons ever. The weakest character to me was the new reporter turned WH press secretary. (the goofy blk dude). Claire (Robin Wright) was brilliant and elegant as usual. And she was also bad AF in Wonder Woman (which I saw today).

    Back off House of Cards! Don’t make me come for you 😗

    1. ^LOL

      maybe i need to watch it again.
      i felt the first part was great,
      but after they won and will conway left,
      it got weird.

      so we are back to seeing frank and claire fight again?
      didn’t we tackle that in season 4?
      and all these characters that died…
      i loved leann’s character and they had some car crash.
      it was like they turned on all the folks they should kept in their corner.
      it was a wash for me,
      but i’m open to watching again.

      i did like claire breaking the 4th wall.

    2. I definitely agree about the goofy black dude. Why is he even there? Who is he? Bruh, i can’t even remember his name. To me his character is even more sloppily written in than the random old snow bunny on Claire’s side.

      1. lol I got back into scandal this season and it got good again but I’m glad next season will be the last one. It’s good to end shows before they totally jump the shark.

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