The Bunz of New Yawk

new yawk is a melting pot of all kinds of bunz.
i don’t think the wolves of the city care.
they can be as straight as a ruler,
but have no problems showing their fat tails.
you like it.
i like it.
sagging or no sagging.
well i stumbled upon a youtube dedicated to new yawk bunz.
it’s called “bandit” and here are few that i liked…

…and the biggest one of them all?

that last one is wayyyyyyyyyyy too big.
that is a donk-ey if i ever saw one.
what pants size is he?
i would hate to buy jeans for tail that size.
for more:


lowkey: is it wrong to say i love that shit?
i like big bunz on masculine wolves.
sorry if that offends anyone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Bunz of New Yawk

  1. That booty in the 🏀🏀 video is insane! Can you imagine just smacking and jiggling that thing? Phew! 😍🍆💦

  2. I just love to SNIFF between the cakes, smell my dudes underwear in the dirty clothes basket & to munch. These video clips got me ROCK right now!

  3. That last one was amazing. Lol. I went to school with a dude shaped like that. He got all the girls. Lol. He played alot of football.

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