The Bunz of New Yawk

new yawk is a melting pot of all kinds of bunz.
i don’t think the wolves of the city care.
they can be as straight as a ruler,
but have no problems showing their fat tails.
you like it.
i like it.
sagging or no sagging.
well i stumbled upon a youtube dedicated to new yawk bunz.
it’s called “bandit” and here are few that i liked…
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WOLF MEAT: (447)

i don’t really see saggin’ as much anymore.
well except with rapper and r&b singer wolves/hybrids/foxes.
it seems everyone is wearing their pants correctly now.
you would be surprised how big someone’s wolf meat is…
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WOLF MEAT: (407)

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.34.25 PMcouple pounds.

WOLF MEAT: (349)

Honey-Buns-1 late night snacks from the assologist
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How To Make It Clap While Walking To The Bodega

oh-my-thats-an-ass-clapmake it clap?…

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WOLF MEAT: (328)

bunsbreakfast will include some fresh hood buns today…

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