WOLF MEAT: (447)

i don’t really see saggin’ as much anymore.
well except with rapper and r&b singer wolves/hybrids/foxes.
it seems everyone is wearing their pants correctly now.
you would be surprised how big someone’s wolf meat is…

…when they sag.
 ^that pineapple in that video is the perfect example.
his tail is perfect.

you notice how it vanished once he pulled his sweats up?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (447)”

  1. He better be glad I was not in the building because I would have tried to holler because it was as you said on display for a reason.

  2. Practically serving it up on a platter declaring, “Come get this juicy booty!” Of course in the same breath, he would protest, “I don’t play that gay shit!” Really??!! Really???!!!!!

  3. Man….The carwash especially. Some serious Charmin squeezing could be going on..The way they bend over in the trunk…Bend over vacuuming the car seats and carpet…All ass all day!! Can I get a witness???

  4. I asked a straight Wolfe baller friend why do u say so low man?…His response Jamari, was “So the dizznik can be accessible cause it sits right on top of the belt buckle in the thigh sag”…So I said…But when niggas like me that see BACK, it’s ass for the enjoying and to me you’re modeling the merchandise. He looks at me with the deer in the headlights look….so funny. I low-key think they’re all curious anyway…Fashion statement, my ass!

  5. Oh hell yes dick on hard this is beyond fashion I’ve followed ass shots like this before they no what’s up he can get the light Bill money with that omg

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