Brandy Gon’ Be Alright!

i am praying for brandy.
i heard about her falling into unconsciousness on an airplane today.
( x read more about it here )
i didn’t know what to think.
(alleged) pregnancy issues?
all this clapping back  finally overwhelmed her?
well she put out an updated statement on her instagram for us…

i think i speak for everyone when i say she needs to sit down.
she needs a moment to rest and relax.
play with the snapchat filters she likes and chill.
was this happening when she was doing “chicago”?
she seemed full of energy there.

stress can kill you.
this is why it’s important to detach as much as you can for your sanity.
i’m learning to do the same.
the foxhole sends it’s well wishes to her.

lowkey: brandy should drop little surprise ep’s here and there.
sing/rap over current hip hop beats or brand new ones.
she is at that level where she can do that.
it doesn’t need to be full length albums either.
just enough to keep her fans happy.

3 thoughts on “Brandy Gon’ Be Alright!

  1. I always thought she did coke. I love her but her weight has always been up and down and she has admitted to being addicted to being skinny, and what does coke make you?

    Also, I love auntie whit, but how can you hang around her and ray j and not be tempted. Drugs would definitely explain her behavior

  2. Glad she’s ok

    I agree with you on the releasing a little bit of stuff here and there. If she ever gets out of this hell with her label I suggest she goes independent. Mya did it and her Smooth Jones album (bomb albums you should check it out if you haven’t already) was nominated for a Grammy this year.

    1. ^i gotta check out mya!
      i am a huge fan of her older work.

      with brandy in this label drama,
      she can’t release music?
      even if it’s for free?

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