here is some muscle soup with covid crackers on the side (trill clinton)

like i told the foxhole,
my life doesn’t change with or without the jab.
we are in the midst of a global pandemic and i don’t trust a word the cdc says.
between them and our leadership,
they fumbled the bag by giving folks false hope about being jabbed and maskless.
as the months went on,
we all came to realize:

let’s have a font about trill clinton aka @astatesman,
who is pictured above.
i’ve been peepin’ him for a while now and i think he is sexy af.
an educated wolf >
so he got fully jabbed in feburary and ended up catching that delta recently.
he tweeted his first-hand account on how it went down and his symptoms

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enjoy your ride with “grindr” in the the sky!

i’ll never forget when i had the sex app,
it was like a few years ago.
i went to the movies one day and it happened to be on.
i got so many messages from randoms in theater.
some were in my movie sitting next to vixens!
i wasn’t shocked because some males have no chill.
so this snow wolf:

 jp thorn,
got his message while in the sky.
the app?
this is what a foxholer sent me via “daily mail”
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delta is full of doo doo (literally)

the following story is rated “PU”.
it’s also rated “U BETTA SUE”.
this is type of shit that will get someone to fighting.
imagine getting on a plane anddddddddd…
your seat is covered in shit.
not only that,
the flight crew saying you’d be left behind if you didn’t sit in it.
well one passenger had to from atlanta to miami.
a foxholer sent me the following and well…
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Sam and Rachael White Are Actually Black (They Pledged To Prove It)

i always thought black fraternities/sororities were “ethnic only”?
i’m an outsider only looking in.
so ^this is not a couple.
it is actually a brother/sister duo.
the brother is a kappa.
the sister is a delta.
i know.
you read right.
this is what an f-bi sent me that blew my mind tonight…
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Brandy Gon’ Be Alright!

i am praying for brandy.
i heard about her falling into unconsciousness on an airplane today.
( x read more about it here )
i didn’t know what to think.
(alleged) pregnancy issues?
all this clapping back  finally overwhelmed her?
well she put out an updated statement on her instagram for us…
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