Sam and Rachael White Are Actually Black (They Pledged To Prove It)

i always thought black fraternities/sororities were “ethnic only”?
i’m an outsider only looking in.
so ^this is not a couple.
it is actually a brother/sister duo.
the brother is a kappa.
the sister is a delta.
i know.
you read right.
this is what an f-bi sent me that blew my mind tonight…

rachael white

she looks very out of place in her pictures.
almost like a movie or something.
this is the brother,
sam white:

this is him doing the shimmy:

the brother is clearly the star.
he is cute too.
in movies/tv shows,
you’ll see that one random black in a white fraternity/sorority.
one would assume they weren’t for “us”.
i have never seen snow wolves/bunnies in a black organization.
i’m shocked af,
but i guess this is the new wave?

Has this always been a thing?

from the kappas i been around,
i never saw any snow wolves with them.
i guess they went to another event?

lowkey: i have soooo many questions right now.
can i get a frat foxholer to explain alla this.
i wonder what the hazing was like for those two?
i wanna know how did they reacted when they signed up?

sam is at a lot of black events tho…
i guess he gets a pass?

see rachel: instagram
see sam: instagram

20 thoughts on “Sam and Rachael White Are Actually Black (They Pledged To Prove It)

  1. It is more common than people think, especially in the South at HBCU’s because of Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action is not a People of Color law; it is a Minorities law. AA is for any under represented minority. It helps Women get executive level jobs, Hispanics in higher education, Blacks in PWI’s AND (something aot of people don’t know) Whites in HBCU’s. Whites with a 3.00 or higher can essentially go to any HBCU they want on full rides. When I was working on my M.Ed., there were several of our paler cousins that drove 4 – 6 hours round trip because they were getting a Master’s for free. While males are relatively scarce, I have seen plenty White women pledge Black sororities at the undergrad and graduate level.

    1. Affirmative Action has nothing to do with getting in frat and sororities. Thats solely up to the members of the chapter. For most of them the members or a council of the members and the advisors have to vote you in.

  2. Sam actually does speak up on black issues without his foot in his mouth. They’re good general views in support of the black community. Normally for white people to get in black organizations they REALLY have to be “down” and for the cause. I never knew about his sister.
    He seems like a person who really joined for outreach instead of on campus clout because he actually puts in work which is more than I can say of the members of a certain frat at my HBCU. The fact that he’s still active after graduation also says a bit, since that’s generally when young members go inactive. But that’s from the outside looking in.

  3. I don’t even care. These fraternities and sororities haven’t been relevant outside of a college campus in at least 50 years.

    I’ll admit I fancied the idea when I was in undergrad, but once you’re in the real world you realize none of that shit really matters. They don’t really have the connections to advance your career like the white organizations do. Lol

    They really just ride on the coat tails of famous members. I see them less and less actually volunteering at schools and in the communities and what statements or stances have they taken regarding the current political climate?

    They’re social clubs *shrugs*.

    1. * Social clubs that collect money. Where does it actually go? Who knows.

      All I’m saying is we have tons of black organizations (not just sororities & frats) full of educated, well to do people but our schools are still understaffed and run down and our neighborhoods are being gentrified. Where’s the disconnect?

    2. Maybe it’s becuase we don’t really have frats and sororities here in Canada, but I agree. I don’t see this as an issue to care about either lol. I dont know much about frats, but they don’t seem like anything that we should be fighting for. Seems to me like there should be higher concerns on the priority list. But what do I know? *shrugs*

  4. I don’t see the cuteness, every brotha he is seen with is fine tho

    This ain’t nothing new , just wish it was a cuter white guy.

  5. Too each his own but I get frustrated when I see things like this. Mainly because we give our culture away so freely. Any white person who can sing/dance/rap/dress/step like us, is automatically welcome to the “cookout”. We have been so conditioned to be for everyone before ourselves and its tragic. First it was the illusion of inclusion, now its the infiltration of all of our institutions…and we think its cute..

  6. He not cute to me all maybe it his nose cause white people got some ugly noses or maybe cause he look like any white boy who hang with predominately black people. he look one them white boys pro black women and gays love

    1. ^he is handsome.
      i won’t even lie.
      you touched on something tho:

      “can we have one thing to ourselves? just one.”

      is it wrong to say im asking the same thing in my head?

      1. This just seems too much of a coincidence. They both just so happened to pledge black fraternities and sororities. And all of a sudden we’re participating in predominantly black events. Nah not buying it. No one would give a damn if it was a black guy in a predominately white frat.

        1. ^i completely agree.

          it’s almost like the sister wanted to copy the brother.
          how many blacks have been in white frats/sorors with little to no fan fare?
          i also agree with the point caz made.

          would it be different if they grew up in the hood?
          im so confused at it all.

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