here is some muscle soup with covid crackers on the side (trill clinton)

like i told the foxhole,
my life doesn’t change with or without the jab.
we are in the midst of a global pandemic and i don’t trust a word the cdc says.
between them and our leadership,
they fumbled the bag by giving folks false hope about being jabbed and maskless.
as the months went on,
we all came to realize:

let’s have a font about trill clinton aka @astatesman,
who is pictured above.
i’ve been peepin’ him for a while now and i think he is sexy af.
an educated wolf >
so he got fully jabbed in feburary and ended up catching that delta recently.
he tweeted his first-hand account on how it went down and his symptoms

a foxholer showed me when he allegedly boarded his flight on delta:


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so this proves that even if you’re jabbed,
you can still get the covids.
many people seem to think this jab is a cure for whatever reason.
i am having some issues with this story.
if that pool picture adds up with when he got the rona:

No one is wearing a mask
No one is social distancing

… and what kills me is the confirmation that some weren’t fully jabbed.

these are good-looking males who might have been smashin’ each other brains out,
which eliminates both masks and social distancing too.
if you aren’t fully jabbed,
you should def be moving safely x 100,
but it’s human nature to let our guards down when we get comfortable.
someone on twitter asked trill clinton what i was thinking:

it’s the carelessness for me,
but we have to blame our leadership tbh.
they took us out of lockdown and safety procedures way too quickly.
i saw a commercial talking about “get jabbed so you can party like 2019” again.
they were also going on this “honor system” bullshit like folks don’t lie out here.
not only that,
we have a few states down south that aren’t even following safety protocols anymore.

i’m glad that trill clinton is doing better,
but we all need to do better tbh.

lowkey: they were saying this rona might tear into our cheeks for the next decade.
( x read it here )
i’m ready for the aliens to come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “here is some muscle soup with covid crackers on the side (trill clinton)”

  1. When he was in La at the time there were no mask mandates so people in LA were not socially distancing and restaurants were 100% open. Also he is sexy hell 🤤

    1. ^i mean,
      the rona didn’t start last month or so.
      folks should have still been protecting themselves or making sure they’re safe within this pandemic.

  2. The science is clear: the vaccines WORK. The science is clear: a virus continues to mutate. The science is clear: if you are vaccinated, you won’t get as sick with the Delta variation. You are doing your followers a disservice by spreading doubt. Stick to gossip about celebrity sex.

    1. ^so the word doubt,
      which means:

      a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

      @astatemen is vaccinated and still caught covid.
      he was around un-jabbed people and they passed it to him.
      according to our leadership,
      jabbed people can still pass the rona to each other.


      he might have gotten it from another jabbed person since the delta is much more powerful.
      your leaders at the cdc admitted that.
      they have told everyone to continue to wear masks even if they’re jabbed or not.
      he didn’t have terrible symptoms because he was jabbed.
      nowhere in my entry did i tell anyone not to get jabbed.
      in fact,
      i was confused why people who weren’t jabbed were playing around with their health.
      so i’ll stick to celebrity,
      and entries like this and i’ll assume you’ll be front row for every one.

    1. The assumption is that he would have been intubated and in the hospital without the shof. Which doesn’t make much sense as asymptomatic and mild symptom reactions to Covid occurred well before the experimental gene therapies were available.

      It’s also why people say “I got the flu shot, but still got the flu”. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It means you got a different strain. People with HIV can catch other strains of it. So basically because he got vaccinated for one strain, this new strain was able to get past his immune system somewhat.

      I don’t want anybody catching it, so I’m glad he’s okay.

  3. “Also, others I found out after we’d been in contact for a while were unvaccinated.”

    I don’t get it. Just wear a mask that matches your speedo. How are Black designers not profiting by making cute masks? I can’t with the excuses.

    1. What irritates me is people in public look at u like ur crazy when u go to a social event with a mask like excuse me ??? I came for a couple drinks and to say hi to my friends I don’t know y’all or your practices so why am I the weird one for wearing a mask ???

      This type of shit is why it’s not going away

      1. Let them look. You don’t know what they’re doing, who they’re hanging around, etc.
        I do the same. I’m fully vaccinated and if I am around people whose status I don’t know, I’m wearing my mask. Look at me as crazy as you want.
        Those who are not vaccinated are allowing the strains to mutate because had we been at herd immunity levels back when that idiot was in office, things PROBABLY (whose to say though) wouldn’t be as bad as it’s been. You got people out her sick as hell, and they’re still talking about they won’t get vaccinated. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with our society, but this entitled/privileged behavior, and these stupid ass leaders in office, are going to be our downfall.
        It’s scary. I feel bad that so many of these TV personalities are hyping folks to not get vaccinated and wear a mask, when I’m pretty sure they and their families are vaccinated and masking up.

        1. ^i feel like some of those who are screaming not to her vaxxed are secretly vaxxed.
          like i said,
          some folks want to see the world burn and create pure chaos.

  4. They were saying from the beginning that you could still get the virus after being vaccinated.But at no point did anyone die from covid after being fully vaccinated,but 100% of the death are from the UN-vaccinated. The surge is continuing due to people not taking this seriously and refusing to be jabbed.

  5. According to the CDC as of August 2nd, 164 million people in the U.S.are fully vaccinated of that number approximately 1500 have died from COVID and approximately 7100 have been hospitalized. So yes you can die or be hospitalized even if you’re vaccinated but it’s very rare,far less than 1%.

    At many hospitals 90+% of their COVID patients are unvaccinated.I know several people who are vaccinated and have had COVID. But only one of them had to be hospitalized and she has Lupus.Most of the people who are hospitalized or who have died over the last couple months are not vaccinated.And the number of kids hospitalized is alarming.

    I was vaccinated in March and I still wear masks,and have been tested for COVID multiple times since receiving my second dose.I tested negative last week.I know I can get COVID and if I do I will quarantine because I don’t want to give it to anyone else especially children too young to get the shot.

    Another thing I learned is like this guy said I found out last week some people close to me who I assumed were vaccinated were not.So that’s why I wear mask and get tested one or twice a month.And I live in a state with an idiot for a governor, Greg Abbott,who issued an executive order to ban mask mandates even though the number of COVID cases are soaring and we are running out of ICU beds.In the Austin area, population over 2 million people, they had 6 ICU beds this weekend.

  6. Best advice was on CNN earlier. Look at it like each barrier is like Swiss cheese. The vaccine is one layer, but some get thru the holes. The second barrier (or cheese?) would be a mask so there are less holes to get thru. Then if you do get it you are unlikely to get it as bad. So mask up people.

  7. Some states have even stopped reporting Coronavirus deaths period. We’ll never know how many people are dying from this virus.

    This is going to turn out to be the modern day black plague.

  8. Ppl are ridiculous. Unless your pcp says you have an issue that might make the vaccine negatively affect you, then you need to get the vaccine. It’s based on the SARS vax that they had alrdy been working on. Ppl keep putting the emphasis on ‘getting covid’ but there are hospitals running out of space, people dying and having bad cases because they were unvaxd, and medical professionals having to constantly be exposed. Every day I read a story about some person having a deathbed confession that they wish they had gotten vaccinated.

  9. I stalk his social media myself and the brother got it going on. I would definitely like to be his one and only if he’s even looking. Lock me down!

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