she wants us to see the rona isn’t a big deal by using her tongue on you (jodie meschuk)

there are a lot of crazy jackals running around out here.
i’m convinced laws are passed by folks whose elevators don’t fully reach the top.
i don’t know if the following is crazy but…
jodie meschuk

a “kinda-sorta maybe not” thoughtful anti-jabber,
wants to sway america into believing the rona isn’t a big a deal.
how is she gonna do that?
she decided to film herself licking things in the supermarket…

A self-proclaimed antivaxxer has gone viral after she filmed herself licking items at a supermarket in an effort to prove that COVID-19 ‘isn’t a big deal’.

Jodie Meschuk, who claims she cured autism, posted a since-deleted video to Instagram where she attempted to educate her followers about the spread of disease. 

Meschuk was filmed licking several items in the grocery store including her shopping cart, produce bags and the door handle of a beer fridge.

Germs fortify your immune system. Exposure to germs builds defenses against asthma and allergies. Microbes help digestion,’ Meschuk captioned the footage. 

She also told her followers to ‘be free,’ likely suggesting that coronavirus mandates restrict freedoms and to have ‘love over fear, not law’.

Meschuk is believed to live in Colorado, although it is unclear where clip was filmed

…with her kid watching her do this.

according to ““:

i found this video from her to be interesting.

there must be another way to protest than licking on things that people have to eat and use.
that is really gross.

Imagine your mother getting exposed doing this nonsense being a teenager?

talk about dropping out from embarrassment.
i noticed that when the anti-vaxxers speak out against the rona,
she comes and makes an example of them.
if this is the case,
jodie’s time might be up.
even if the rona doesn’t get her,
licking on random objects might.
we’ll check back in a few weeks and see what’s happening.

lowkey: don’t be shocked if she wasn’t jabbed.
there are many jackals and hyenas who want the world to burn while doing the opposite.

article cc: daily mail | colorado

5 thoughts on “she wants us to see the rona isn’t a big deal by using her tongue on you (jodie meschuk)

  1. Remember when people licked ice cream and caused company’s to have to lock them up. That same punishment they received she needs.

  2. This reminds me of those people who licked toilets trying to get Covid-19 and got it and wanted sympathy. A prank…is scaring someone or being silly. I don’t know WHY their pranks always involve something barbaric and uncivilized. Licking items that people will purchase? I hope she is charged.

  3. This is like grouping pedophiles with the LGBT community. This is plain mental illness. And yes, I consider Caucasians to be particularly unclean. The “5-second rule”, not washing their legs, not washing meat, how they eat their steak, The heck is that mess?

    “i’m convinced laws are passed by folks whose elevators don’t fully reach the top.” You know it! When you see who is walking the streets and what they were in a psychiatric ward for…you get angry at all the Black people behind bars on petty charges.

  4. I guarantee you, if she did that where I am, she wouldn’t have made it out the grocery store. Just because you gamble with your life, means you can gamble with mine. I don’t care what you do with yours, just don’t include me in your bullshit. When I get involved, then I have a problem and we will see who is safe afterwards.

  5. MMMMmmmm??? I wonder how the families of the more than 600,000 people is this country that have died of Covid feel about all of this?

    This dumb B _ tch is selfish, crazy and should be arrested!!!

    We must have some compassion and empathy for others . It is our duty to protect those who may be weaker than us. These people are so inhumane!

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