are you ending friendships over the jab?

i told myself that i wasn’t gonna become “one of those people”.
someone who is looking down on friends because they choose not be get jabbed.
as someone who lost one of his best friends so suddenly,
i overly-care about the people i’ve labeled “friends”.

Not to be confused the assholes who have left my life because they were terrible friends.

the ones who shouldn’t even have friends because they fumble the bag consistently.

i’m referring to the genuine friends that are in my tribe.
i know we won’t agree on everything,
but i knew the “jabbed vs un-jabbed” life we are living would make us take sides.
so one of my best friends is anti-jabber.
she agrees with the conspiracies and all of that.

she sent me that she was at a rally over the covid mandates in new yawk.
they are banning the un-jabbed from gyms,
ball games,
and concerts starting next week.
you know folks out here are angry

…and she was out there without a mask on.

i felt this sense of dread come over me.
i asked her if she was masked up and she told me that she hasn’t worn a mask in months.
she won’t wear one if it’s not required which is outside.
i got really scared by that statement for some reason.
i don’t know if it’s because i’m almost fully jabbed,
but i guess the reality of this current state of the world.
the delta has been tearing through these forests and bringing folks down.
although i got my first shot,
i still don’t do crowds as of yet.
crowds of folks who i don’t know if they’re being reckless about their own health.
there are jabbed and un-jabbed folks who are asymptomatic that don’t even know.
that is all risky.

i know we are all grown out here.
we are free to make our own decisions and our friends and family will too.
i want people to make the right decisions about their health during this pandemic.
if you choose not to get jabbed then it’s whatever,
but don’t put yourself in the middle of situations that could end wrong for you.
it might be the cancerian in me who cares too much tho.
please be careful out there.

lowkey: i’ve always been the cool outsider so i’m always judging everyone.
it’s a fun space to be when you aren’t following crowds,

but who knew i’d be judging friends too?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “are you ending friendships over the jab?”

  1. “If you choose not to get jabbed then it’s whatever.” Not it’s not whatever. That line of thinking is so dangerous. Unvaxxed people are dangerous in their thoughts and actions. For the unvaccinated it’s no longer if, but when they get the virus. They are walking cesspools who feels it’s their right to walk around potentially infecting other people with no consequences. What I’ve always found funny is that unvaxxed people have such a mistrust of the government in terms of the vaccine yet, guess who oversees ALL your food? ALL your water, and ALL your air?….the government. If you don’t trust the government then why is the vaccine where you started??

    1. ^so if we are vaccinated,
      why do we care if someone isn’t jabbed?
      if we are protected from it,
      and it lessens our symptoms,
      why care what anyone else chooses to do?
      not only that,
      it’s being reported the vaccinated can pass the rona around.
      i judged both sides since it’s reported both sides are capable of passing it around.

      1. “If we are vaccinated, why do we care if someone isnt jabbed?” -The same reason you care if someone is drunk driving even though you’re wearing a seatbelt; they are still a danger to you. It should be more than obvious at this point but I’ll say it…The unvaccinated are the MOST likely to get infected, therefore the MOST likely to spread it. Yes vaccinated people can get covid, but the vaccine lessens the severity of the symptoms. 99% of all hospitalizations due to covid are from unvaxxed people. So not only are they a potential danger to themselves and others, they are putting a massive strain on hospital staff and resources. I’m not sure why this is so hard to understand. By someone making a personal decision to not get vaxxed, they are also making a personal decision to put everyone around them at risk, including people who are vaxxed and that is where to problem lies.

      2. Jamari are U looking at the BIG picture? If one isn’t vaccinated it lengthens the period of a Public Health Crisis..That’s like saying if if a family of 5 lives in a house n 1 is vaccinated then the rest of them shouldn’t worry because that 1 is, however how does that affect the household’s functioning n security health wise.

    2. It’s actually not “the government”. Water is determined by the local water company and your state. Many states have poor mismanagament, corruption and lack of infrastructure which is why Flint, Michigan still has toxic water and the foolishness happened in Texas among countless other instances where poor Black communities reside.

      This idea that “the government isn’t that bad” is extremely uninformed. First off, Trump just allowed chicken with cancerous lesions to be allowed in the food that you eat. Just by cutting the tumors off. Anybody with common sense knows that cancer spreads so simply cutting off the tumor doesn’t do much.

      Not to mention the toxic fertilizers used to yield as high a crop output as possible that put carcinogens into the air.

      The government you speak so highly of, allows just even to not kill you right away. That goes for PPM of chemicals in tap water to bugs allowed in food. And we have some of the worst air quality in the world that’s not in China. We have an area designated Cancer Alley where one is highly likely to develop cancer based on the toxic dumping that isn’t regulated poor Black communities. In my local town the children were developing asthma and when they called in an independent researcher, it was found that trucks were driving through local to avoid paying tolls. The exhaust from the trucks was literally causing asthma in children as they idled in traffic. As-freaking-thma. They had to pass an ordinance to ban trucks from doing so and guess who magically had no more asthma symptoms?

      Not to mention the superfund sites that people don’t realize they live on because of defunct biowarfare companies. There are too many environmental scandals to name where people are living on unsafe land and when they try to go to court, corporations use their resources to stall. Pharmaceutical companies have funds for when they inevitably get fined. They realize there are risks and side-effects to everything and instead of strict quality control would rather put it out there and it’s the general public who suffers.

      There are too many facts for you to dismiss distrust in the government. Heck, you have to file so much paperwork to get pack unclaimed property that the state tries to hide. Blindly trusting the government is foolish. The. End.

      1. Point was completely missed but go awf.. Make no mistake, no one is speaking highly of the government so your dissertation was off base. The point was why pick and choose what government managed products to be hesitant bout when its all fucked up. Folks dont want the vaxx purely out of ignorance and some twisted version of freedom that they feel allows them to spread a virus with no consequence.

      2. Oh and FYI: The EPA(A GOVERNMENT AGENCY) regulates public drinking water in this country and the FDA( ANOTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCY) regulates bottled water. Now THATS the end…

        1. Bottled water is tap water from private companies . Soda companies conspiree to have people trust bottled water over water from the sink and now it’s a billion dollar industry, so your desire to one up me, was in vain.

          Same government who makes it difficult for small farms to get certified as organic and engage in seed supply abd demand. Nice try.

          1. You clearly are insistent on sounding ignorant and pointless to defend stupidity. It’s actually sad. A quick google search ended your whole argument. Next time try having a FACTUAL argument lol..

  2. Yes.
    People who “won’t eat just anybody’s potato salad” but drink from semen faucets in piss-smelling alleys are now the authorities on hygiene, health and cleanliness. FOH

  3. As a passionate vaccinated person, I have not ended friendships with “the unvaccinated”. I have however changed how I view them and their judgement. I feel bad for them and hope that they would reconsider .

    I will not invite them to my home , share rides or socialize in person with them if they choose not to take precautions.

    1. My half sis caught Cobid 2 weeks ago. I can bet she wasn’t vaccinated because she hS these ideas that everything is a conspiracy, n if it’s not naturL n organic then it’s bad. She’s in bad shape as her son told me she’s hallucinating,because her Oxygen level is really low n they want to put her on a ventilatorbut she’s refusing. Very stubborn.
      I have very little patience for people who are refusing to take the Vaccine, frankly I think after a whole year to read, ask questions to allievate their fears around the safety n efficacy there’s no excuse. Their failure is adding to lengthening a public health concern. I did low a budding friendship to die because this lady across the pond in London had all these conspiracy theories I took the ax to it when she told me the vaccine has a molevule the size of a grain of rice that when injected will low tge govt to program all our minds.. I took the AX to that quick, by not taking her calls all the way from London to talk BS..she got tge message.

  4. You people make me laugh. A lot you that are saying the unvaxxed are stupid and nasty are the same ones who will suck somebody off in a restroom or alley! Get vaccinated or don’t it’s a choice. If anything you look at somebody’s behavior. I got Co-workers who are vaccinated buy still don’t wash their hands and ones who aren’t who are extremely clean (at least at work). I have close friends who are semi-nasty in their behavior who are vaccinated/unvaccinated. To say to a person you are stupid and carelessly because you don’t trust putting a drug in your body or a person is so safe because they do is foolish thinking and honestly a dumb reason to end a true friendship for! Y’all need to grow up and understand everybody does not see things the was you do.

  5. The issue is herd immunity, the more people who are vaccinated the less covid would spread among everyone. Plus there are people who can’t get the vaccine, (too young, immune system issues, etc) so here immunity helps those people as well.

  6. Vaccinated individuals are engaging in tactics to shame those who are unvaccinated. I subscribe to the philosophy that each individual has the CHOICE to determine what they inject or put inside of their body. To call those people irresponsible and “super spreaders” are silly because truth be told there hasn’t been enough time or evidence to show that the vaccine prevents the spread of Covid, especially since vaccinated individuals are still catching it. This vaccine is unlike any other lost trial tested vaccine due to its mRNA components. People have a right to be suspicious and chose not to take it. If you take it, that’s fine, but to shame, ostracized, and turn thy nose up at those who choose not too is ridiculous. We are adults not kindergartens who have to do something just because you did it. Everyone should do what is best for them and stay out of other people’s bodies. I am not referring to you, Jamari, but to some of the self-righteous vaccinated experts.

      1. False equivalency. You’re equating tetanus, tuberculosis and chickenpox….which have been eradicated for generations to experimental gene therapies given emergency approval.

        1. Yeah, you’re really getting me together. I can hardly stand it lol.

          So will this tune be changing when the vaccines get FDA approval, say next month? Or will they continue to be untested gene therapies in your mind(s)?

          Have you done the research on how the vaccines were developed? Or naw?

          Btw, tetanus, etc. were eradicated because of vaccines that were at one point “experimental”. wink wink

    1. And that’s all well n good that they have the right to choose however don’t get on a airplane, bus or come in a store without a mask because they are putting my life, although vaccinated at risk..Most people that are refusing as I see n hear have these stupid, ignorant excuses about how the vaccine is being used as part of a plan to decrease the Black race, when questioned they can never give a rational, well thought answer as to why they have these fears.

  7. Jamari love, this is one time I appreciate this virtual interaction as much as I have always wanted to meet you.

    I actually did end a potential possible connection with a guy once I found out he wasn’t vaccinated and refused to. Giving me all these excuses about research, case studies and panels he had been a part of. I was like bruh…no.

    I also went to a party this weekend and this guy was in the middle of all these gays, hugging and laughing with all these hoes (no shade lol) but told me he wasn’t vaccinated.

    I was like are you dumb? (In my Remy Ma voice)

    The problem is as a vaccinated person I can carry the virus on my body at any point in time during the day from interactions with the public.

    That being said I would be bringing the virus to someone I am intimately interacting with, risking their lives, and all that jazz. So to avoid all of that I chose to stay away from homeboy.

    I had two, TWO coworkers die of Covid along with family members. So Covid is real and a lot of these people out there protesting are protesting WHAT EXACTLY?

    I don’t want to get vaccinated because what? It’s my right to get sick and die? Ok that’s fine that’s your right but if you do contract it you could possibly pass it to someone close; a child, a grandmother, a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, friend…and the list goes on. Why should should they have to do for your “right”?

    Are black people still using Tuskegee as an excuse? As terrible as that was, “Soul Food” has killed more black people.

    I understand the anxiety and the fear of also suffering from the side effects but God forbid we lose a beautiful black gay blogger to Covid. My heart will be forever broken.

    Get the shot Jamari. 😘

    1. I mean Tuskegee is far from the only pathogen disease experimentation that have been done on people in the last 100 years. I think it as unfair to shit on people who want to see what the long-term effects are. And considering people who vaccinated are still getting it due to it being a different strain let people do what they feel is best. Just be clean wash your Gotdamn hands, wear your mask, eat right and take your Gotdamn vitamins.

  8. I choose not to vaccinate and I don’t care for the friendships I’ll lose because of it.

    This hygienic apartheid is an embarrassment, aligns with the divide & conquer, and people are falling for it, unfortunately.

    I feel bad for everyone who fails to understand that this is bigger than covid and it’s going to get worse, not because of the virus, but on how the governments are testing our submissiveness to see how far they can strip our freedom away from us.

    People’s testimonials are being ignored and the mainstream media is doing a “marvelous” job distracting the masses.

    And mind you, some people want to take the jab only to continue to live their selfish lives not understanding that this is not going back to the way it was.

    It also amazes me how other diseases became less relevant ever since Rona went mainstream. MFks still party overseas yet people point the finger to those who are unvaccinated. Okay.

  9. I will “go awff” Caz. One of the few good songs Lil Kim has out out in the past decade.

    I never particularly cared for the commenters here. If it wasn’t crying about getting scammed for a 30 second video, it was a straight guy saying Hello and them planning the wedding. These commenters love dragging people but know social media socialites by name. Misusing big words trying to sound smart. That Lil Nas X denouncing was the last straw.

    The same ones complaining are part of the problem and you all never commented that much on the podcast, so kick rocks respectfully.

    Nobody has time for imaginary relationships from repressed “men” who mismanage money on straight men who wouldn’t give them CPR if they were choking, hating on an extra black entertainer not toning it down to make heteros comfortable.

    1. Please do your research and stop spreading misinformation about the pandemic. It’s not cute anymore.

      Also, if you don’t care for the commenters, maybe leave? And regardless of sexuality, thirst level, or financial habits, we’re all men at the end of the day. No need for the quotes.

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