are you ending friendships over the jab?

i told myself that i wasn’t gonna become “one of those people”.
someone who is looking down on friends because they choose not be get jabbed.
as someone who lost one of his best friends so suddenly,
i overly-care about the people i’ve labeled “friends”.

Not to be confused the assholes who have left my life because they were terrible friends.

the ones who shouldn’t even have friends because they fumble the bag consistently.

i’m referring to the genuine friends that are in my tribe.
i know we won’t agree on everything,
but i knew the “jabbed vs un-jabbed” life we are living would make us take sides.
so one of my best friends is anti-jabber.
she agrees with the conspiracies and all of that.

she sent me that she was at a rally over the covid mandates in new yawk.
they are banning the un-jabbed from gyms,
ball games,
and concerts starting next week.
you know folks out here are angry

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