i got a jabbin yesterday and i’m still sore afterward

i was really calm to get a good jabbin yesterday.
i did feel a sense of fear when i was the grown-ass father crying before he got jabbed,
but i had a sense that he was afraid of needles than the actual jab itself.
i ended up dressing in a nice “bbq” kind of outfit to get jabbed.
i mean…

I haven’t been anywhere to wear my fly shit.

…and it’s a “jamari fox” thing to do.
i try to look presentable when i go places,
even if it’s to pick up fleet at the drugstore.
you just never know.
i decided to get jabbed at the drugstore around the corner from my crib.
i wanted to go to one downtown,
but when i told one of my good friends about that idea,
she said:

“Black folks are so warped into the idea of going to white places for better treatment.
The jab is the same in the hood as it is in the white area.”

she was right.
nothing was different in the ghettos or in suburbias.

i ended up being a minute late.
that is another “jamari fox” thing to do.
i’m always fashionably late (or just late af) for shit.
it didn’t matter any because the line was around the corner,
which kinda had me tight.

“This was the difference between a Walgreens downtown and one in the hood.”

after an hour 1/2 wait from my appointment time,
i ended up getting jabbed.
it was really anti-climatic and tasted like chicken.
i was expecting some “that’s so raven” shit to go down tbh.

thank God i have great friends and supporters on the foxhole who held my hand throughout.

the special thing is that my friend fancy was unsure about getting jabbed too.
when i told her i was mine yesterday,
she booked an appointment and got hers too.
we got jabbed at the same time while being on the phone with hunter.
her mother,
who was unsure as well,
got jabbed that same day too.
you get a jab and you get a jab…

the power of influence?

my arm was hurting bad last night.
i got my jab on my less dominant arm.
i woke up today and not in as much pain,
but nothing in my life has changed after getting the jab.
it’s like getting mind-blowing sex the night before from a strange dick.
he wasn’t a future husband.
there is no need to hang on the rafters that i’ve gotten my first shot.
life will ultimately move on since this is just a “moment”.
i get my second jab in 2 weeks and i heard that’s when the demon of side effects are unleashed.

i’ll be ready for it.

lowkey: ive already downloaded the excelsior pass for my iphone wallet.
if they think i’m carrying around that big ass card…

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13 thoughts on “i got a jabbin yesterday and i’m still sore afterward”

  1. Welcome to the team of enlightened negros who aren’t ‘holding out’ because of what their cousin’s, baby mama’s, sister’s, coworker’s aunt said she ‘had heard’.

    1. Say that Jason,

      It is so dis – heartening how in 2021 some Black people believe these crazy conspiracies . It’s as if they never went to school or read a book .

      I follow the science and common sense. When I saw the Doctors, The Obamas ,Pelosi and even all The Trump get the vaccine I was like ,,,” I want exactly what they got !” ha ha ha

      The rich and high profile and “The Haves” always get the best! It was a no -brainer for me

      These “Have Nots” are dooming themselves with pure ignorance and it is sad.

      1. Dr. Fauci knew about the pandemic. This originated in a lab. He profited off of the vaccines and this country has a bad history with African-Americans and medicine.. That this was in his leaked emails, there is no “conspiracy” regarding the Illuminati or MAGA people in Q-Anon. Black women have some of the highest mortality rates in medicine and there are adverse reactions. There’s a thing called VAERS to document these, but go off. If people social distance, wash their hands and mask up, their choice to take the vaccine or not is not your business.

      1. Yes, the cult is called ‘Medical Professionals > Seli’. We’re currently accepting applications.

  2. WELCOME!!!! The sore arm is normal( smile) .I love your honesty and bravery. Now you have one less thing to worry about. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety and this Covid pandemic has really taken a toll on me.

    Now we do not have to worry as much about . . . .

    A) Getting Hospitalized
    B) Dying
    C) Giving it to someone else and them Hospitalized or Dying
    D) Trying to get all of our lives back on track ( or less isolation)
    E) Businesses opening back up so people can earn a living
    F) Believing “un proven ,false , backwards Azz Jigga Boo ,half Crazy , politicalized idiotic crap!

  3. Yes, welcome to the group of people who are vaccinated. Because this is a serious problem that we are facing. You have all these people who are not vaccinated getting are the ones who are in the hospital sick and wishing they had gotten the vaccine!!

  4. Welcome to the other side. But it won’t take effect for two weeks after the second shot. Don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer in all travels.

  5. I got my 2nd shot about a month ago. For me, no major side effects. With both shots ( 1st shot in the left arm, 2nd shot in the right arm) only sore arms, chills and body aches for 24 hrs.

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