accountability | august 2nd thru 8th

this last week was a little better than the last.
i felt like The Universe was spreading its cheeks and taking a dump in my cereal for the fun of it.
negatives first…


unemployment randomly stopped again.
my claim was supposed to end in september with everyone else.
i called twice and got the rudest agents who legit hung up on me.
thank God i got the help i needed before they hired some legit degens.
i’m so chill that i don’t even care atm.
it made me feel a slight fearful but i managed to bypass that “.exe”.

this summer was such a wash for me.
i barely did anything.
my plans to return back on the scene all got squashed.
now that the delta is drilling immune systems hard,
i’m not even interested in being out in crowds.
i feel annoyed and like i’m missing out on shit…
but am i really?


i got my first jab on saturday.
ny dropping mandate bombs and the delta made me make my decision.

my eye has healed!
conjunctivitis made its exit thanks to the antibiotic eye drops.
the redness is gone,
but the slight blurriness is still there.
as long as it isn’t red and feeling like something is in my eye,
i’m happy to be at this point.

my mood def improved as the week went on.
i realized i have no control over certain outcomes so why stress.
i want to enjoy my life without any added stress and sadness.
if i have to stay in a bubble to avoid it then so be it.


praying for a week filled with some much-needed blessings.
it’s been a while that i had something amazing and earth-shattering happening.

2 thoughts on “accountability | august 2nd thru 8th

  1. I’m going for my vax in the morning and taking a friend. So glad he agreed to do it. Cancers are wary and smart and we Mother and Father everyone in our orbit that we love and care for.
    I stressed so much during this pandemic, but finally feel at peace about the shot and other things. Many people I personally know had no side effects at all after the second jab, other than arm soreness. I believe you are one of those and will not experience any negative effect at all.

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