lamonte stennis thinks ya’ll are reaching about dababy being homophobic

 lamonte stennis isn’t going anywhere.
he literally started something that would keep most gays wrapped around his finger.

An event where gay men can ogle fine males,
touch on them and if they’re lucky,
get a penis on their forehead for a selfie.

…including with himself.
he tapped into a market that has black vixens and gay males attending by the boatloads.
i mean he knows what type of time it is:

lamonte has always been opinionated,
especially his past views on trump since he’s a proud republican.
a foxholer sent me to his page where he might have been defending dababy

…and the biggest shit-stirrer goessss to:

i’m starting to think lamonte likes to troll.
i don’t agree with his views,
but he definitely loves to get folk’s riled tf up.

All attention is good attention,

some of the gays will turn the other cheek because let’s face it:

He is attractive,
has a nice bawdy,
tail for days,
and you can touch all of it if you pay for his exotic paintings.

you know how it goes.

35 thoughts on “lamonte stennis thinks ya’ll are reaching about dababy being homophobic

    1. This is the same Lamonte who use to finger his own ass on chaturbate, and has men at his crappy Simp-n-Trick shows paying to suck his dick. The truth is, Lamonte has been making offensive comments for years, so my response to all of this is, Whatever with an eye roll 🙄

  1. I’m trying to figure out when his parties changed to JUST WOMEN when I did a party with him a few years ago and caught him coming out the bathroom with one of our male guests after he’d gone missing for 15 min………………………..

  2. He should be very careful with his words. Once a concept is out, it’s out. Anyone can do it. And only the name can be trademark. Men taking off their clothes is not a new invention, there is no patent.

  3. So we really going this far with Lamonte and Da Baby, really lol. Everything Lamonte says something about his gay fans, I give him crickets. Da Baby, same thing. Don’t let ignorant people get you upset about their feelings. By going this far with this at this point is already too much. We know what he did, we know what he said, if you don’t by now, its not even important right now. So all everybody has to do when Lamonte start talking about gays and people talk about Da Baby is do a Viola. Roll yo eyes, grab yo purse, get up out your chair and leave.

  4. Da Baby’s comments are problematic and homophobic. It baffles me how anyone who has basic cognitive skills can defend this man’s actions. Self hate is another muti-tired construct that many of us in the LGBTQ community suffers from. It saddens me that some of us are once again defending and allowing hateful folk to apply more microagressions onto of our daily occurrences. SAD!!!

    1. johjay10 Thank you so much !

      I was really getting concerned here.

      For the record:
      Me and my friends don’t say” worse things to each other ” than what the da baby said .

      Racist used the same analogy on “Black lives Matter”. Saying that “Black on Black “crime cancels the value of “Black Lives”.

      If we don’t value our lives Gay/Black why should they?

      Draw the line somewhere people!

  5. I’m still trying to figure out who, what, when, where, why and how yall think this man is fine. He has a nice body, but from the neck up it’s a hard pass that would get him completely ignored if I saw him at the club. Yall be grading straight dudes on a curve…

      1. Not at all bro. The gay thirst is real. Meanwhile, if these gays would take their asses to the gym and actually work out, they could have everything he brings to the table. Smh.

  6. Hate his views … but that ninja is fine AF in person 😔 (I hate that I’m attracted to him).

  7. Soon as I read the headline I’m like…Boi fuck You 🙄 you allowed men to give you head in front of women. Stfu

  8. DaBaby’s comments were definitely ignorant and disrespectful. People acting like he’s so concerned with propriety are so stupid to me. I’m sure he wouldn’t give a fuck about a chick sucking someone up in the parking lot. The comments came from a homophobic place.

    1. You’re probably right about that so I can’t understand people that think that this isn’t homophobic.

    2. I’m going to be honest once the trump stuff came out when he was a realtor any and all attention/attraction i had for him is gone gone. He’s been actively of this mindset So I don’t get why people are shocked by his words considering he’s always felt this way.

      (SN: I saw him on a signal23 video in the background and the way you are correct in no matter what a guy says or does as long as they are hot, the gays will support.)

      Oh well, keep scamming the gays/straight women that still want to support him i guess.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. His body is decent, but his face: I wouldn’t check for him at all. He could walk by in the club and I’d say he has a nice ass, that about it.

  9. I am one who doesn’t care for Mr Stennis but I feel the same way and think it’s overboard. Nobody should be disrespected but the rap game was built on it and some posts are facts.

    While 69% of HIV reported cases are black gay/bi males, i doubt DaBady is studying statistics like that but who knows. He made a comment that was meant to stir shit up. More people ate talking about him now more than ever.

    Wonder what his streams will do…

    1. I agree
      People ran with what he said was “homophobic” bc they didn’t hear the rant they just saw other ppl write ups about it

      It was ignorant but it wasn’t homophobic

      And even tho I hate to agree with stennis the menace

      That last slide where he said “y’all say worse about each other” is what I’ve been saying all along

      People sit up on the internet and bash everything From body type to skin tone but then when someone talks about an STD y’all wanna start writing dissertations

      Da baby knew what he was saying was ignorant

      That’s why he said it

      It sounded like a targeted attack on someone he had beef with

      On a related note, I would like to know why media has this thing where they use Black couples as the poster children for hiv aids just bc were affected in large numbers doesnt mean that should be our global image

      They don’t do white people the same way

      When you see interracial gay couples it’s typically a Cheerios ad or something relating to love and family but they always can seem to find two Black men when it’s time to talk about truvada for prep

      Why are we so angry about him saying if u ain’t suck dick in the parking lot make some noise ?
      And why have the Black gays normalized public sex on trains in parks and in parking lots ?? Scroll through twitter and compare white gays OF to Black porn

      It just seems sex workers took this rant which could’ve been forgotten as soon has he said it as a call to martyrdom in more of an effort to normalize something that shouldnot have been normalized anyway

      And now everyone is dragging it

      Especially Madonna who said the n word just 6 years ago on IG in a caption

      But no one canceled her for that

      1. You must’ve missed what his DJ said after the DICK sucking in parking lot comment and how DaBaby co-signed… it was homophobic cuz he didn’t say anything about women sucking dick in the parking lot it was specifically “FELLAS” and his DJ following up with “you niggas real suspect” and that on top of the HIV comments GTFOH and stop with the self hate and learn how to have some accountability for blacks and if we want ppl saying the n word cancelled we need to set a fucking example and stop saying it ourselves

        1. That’s what I’m saying that’s not homophobic

          To not suck dick in the parking lot is not a gay thing

          Women didn’t get upset when he said if ya pussy smell like water and say “no my pussy smell like cottage cheese” why are we assigning sucking dick in the prking lot to being gay ???

          1. ^dababy said:

            “Fellas, if you ain’t sucking dick in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up.”

            it sounded like he was talking about males.
            he gave no context so everyone went on that.
            his comments on hiv:

            “If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases, that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up,”

            …we’re completely ignorant statements as well.

          2. It so sad that people are defending him. He made awful comments and now he is paying the price. You can’t say whatever you want and be free of consequences, that’s not how it works. If you werent offended, good for you thats your right. However most people were offended and angry and that’s their right too.

          3. Typical behavior from . someone like Stennis…not a surprise at all. Those of us who have “skin in the game” know the real deal and its most likely NOT perception it ironically boosts his career which is common these days.point taken.but its backfiring too. Those of us who KNOW can recognize game from a dick stroke away. ..and that my friend is typical of one of those tops/bottoms (yeh more tops are taking dick on the low) who love the sex but dog the life….its so prominemt in that industry. We dont know the place or experience DaBaby is coming from but his delivery had a specificty to it…really pin pointing shit..mmhmm and all that benefit of the doubt shit does not apply here. T.I. included.

      2. Madonna is just a anomaly. She is a crone who sucks the life and semen from young ethnic males. It is frankly embarrassing. Lourdes and Rocco ( who I think he just is over her antics) may believe its normal for her, but it isn’t normal at all, which is just my opinion. She still sells records and fills up venues, but I wish she would go away with her fuckboy fetish. It’s so 90’s and not cute any more.
        In agreeing with your point about gay porn; much of it is in parks, parking lots, bathrooms, Denny’s, McDonalds, airports, greyhound bus stations. You name we can claim it. The pearl clutching is bull spittle and hypocritical. That part hit the dog and everyone squealed in disbelief.

  10. Intelligence is the biggest turn on for me. I see an ugly person in this post!

    This guy, da- baby . TI and any other male or female who lacks basic human intelligence.


    This is a sure-fire way to uplift our people for the future. Chemical Castration !!!!

    I am 100% serious!! ( Not a joke)

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