are we about to be jabbed up the ass for the rest of our lives? (booster)

i was all set to go get vaccinated on saturday.
i had a shit ton of anxiety today,
but i was ready to get jabbed.
one of my friends sent me this and i may cancel my appointment…

Vaccine maker Moderna believes people who received two doses of its COVID-19 vaccine will need a third dose before winter as a booster shot.

The company said Thursday it is also working on a single shot that would provide an annual booster for COVID-19, as well as flu and the respiratory condition RSV.

“We believe that increased force of infection resulting from Delta, non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) fatigue, and seasonal effects (moving indoors) will lead to an increase of breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals,” the company said in an investor presentation posted to its website.

excuse me?????

that did not help my anxiety tbh.
i am so conflicted right now.
this is honestly very scary.
it’s really a “a damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation.
the delta is tearing through these forests like the tasmanian devil.
the vaccine is gonna be having us dependant like damn heroin addicts.

What TF is the truth?

…because this is getting weird.

article cc: nbc new york

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “are we about to be jabbed up the ass for the rest of our lives? (booster)”

  1. Jamari, get it. Talks about Covid being seasonal has been put forward since it was first spreading around the world. It may need a booster shot, but it would be better to be protected. Getting the vaccine means you are better protected from Covid. Is it 100%? Of course not. Nothing is. But it offers you a greater chance of not suffering the terrible periods of strong illness like the stories of have heard, as well as dramatically lowers your chances of being hospitalized or dying. Take the chance to protect yourself, Fox. I think later on down the road you will be glad that you did.

  2. This article explains in laymans terms what we are dealing with Ignore the sensational headline The main takeaway is that the mote people infected the more they give the virus the chance to mutate this will continue till more are vacinated The teason why delta spreads more than previous variants is because there are more instances of it in our nasal passages Those who have a history of illnesses should get it Millions have and if any major side effect would present itself we would have seen it by now As with any vaccine some may get some reaction You have to weigh your ootion You do not want to get covid and possibly die or have long haul syndrone The vaccine may not prevent onefrom covid but it will lessen the symptoms

    If one chooses not to vacinate please take measures to protect yourself

  3. It might be 2 more shots potentially from a friend I know thats in the medical research field. My cousin had COVID twice, probably from being an EMT in NY and she recently passed away which her husband thinks is from unknown complications of COVID to the body which no one understands yet. Its everyones choice, if not mask up and lysol everything the fuck down lol. This isn’t going away anytime soon.

    So I don’t want to be that person, but what I find interesting is that an old bottle of Lysol wipes from 2015 I had listed it had the ability to kill Human COVID. While COVID has always existed, I do believe somewhere down the line someone fucked up and messed with something they shouldn’t have. What we have now is probably something more dangerous than previous.

  4. Respiratory viruses mutate and change at extremely high rates. This is why the flu shot is administered yearly and why Covid will likely be the same. They have to adjust the shot for the current strains in circulation…

  5. The plan is working on target.
    Create fear and anxiety
    The media must promote doom and gloom
    Everything must stop
    Everyone must be at each other’s throats
    Create the doubt
    And our mission will be accomplished
    Well all I can say is

  6. All I can do is advise you to get the vaccine. Yes, it’s a scary ordeal, but it can literally save your life. I received my vaccines back in April and I’m really happy I did so.

  7. Definitely take it, because its best to get a booster shot than die from no protection. The reason the Delta is around is because too many people not taking it serious and it’s mutating. There are numerous reasons the Delta variant is around but Dr. Fauci did initially say it will be at least 5 years before we are out of this because of the way we treat things. You would think the country would’ve learn from the first and second shutdowns. Now we are looking at a third. I got it and I still wear a mask and spray hand sanitizer and clean everywhere. I see for myself too many people who don’t care and I value my life.

  8. But when people talk about Georgia Guidestones they call us crazy.
    I’m not anti vaccine, but I have issues with this C19 jab.
    I am not in a hurry to take it so.

    Also, September is coming. So y’all better stock up and be prepared.
    Heavenly blessings to y’all.

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