terry kennedy looks good in orange now

i remember terry kennedy from myspace.
he was a skating boarding baller wolf who i use to fantasize about was fucking me.
he had the nicest teeth too.

well alas,
terry kennedy is also a violent hyena too.
he is about to be hauled off to prison for an alleged murder…

why is it always a “friend” yo?
they do say that the person who usually kills you is someone you’re close to.
i mean,
we watched “selena“.

i can’t stress it enough foxhole:

You are one fight away from a manslaughter charge.

you get in a fight with someone,
  slump em,
and they might go night-night

next thing you know you’re in jail fo’ life.
there is power in walking away.

Your damn freedom and all that you want to accomplish(ed).

…or you’ll be fighting off big bubba for the rest of your days.

lowkey: unless you are a raggamuffin who has no value that is.

article cc: tmz

10 thoughts on “terry kennedy looks good in orange now

  1. Very sad .

    “MOTEL ROOM” + “2 MALES ” = Sex or Drugs

    Probably the latter due to it turning so savagely violent!

  2. I mean, we don’t know any details yet, but I’m alrdy ready to bet my high ass Brooklyn rent on it being drug related/defense his lawyer will take. Smh.

  3. This is why when NFL player built dudes check for me, I politely decline. You will NAWT go Hulk on me when you get mad. No Sir.

  4. Omg this is tragic smdh I remember him. So much talent. I wonder was drugs or money involved?

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