The Two Pre-Baller Wolves Come Out Over In A Place Called Minnesota

well isn’t that…
everyone meet brad neumann and justin rabon.
they both attend the university of minnesota and are on the track team.
that’s how the love story between these two pre baller wolves started.
a f-bi sent us the story to check it out via the huffington post

Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon are teammates in love.

The two Univ. of Minnesota Golden Gophers were both struggling on their college track teams just a couple years ago when they found the courage to come out to one another via text message.

That was late in 2014 — They have been together almost since that day.

justin is cute.
i won’t assign “stir the teacup/sunken place” to these two as of yet.
the pretty vixen and i were just speaking about this the other day tho.
there were so many interracial relationships in the city.

“count all the black w/ black couples.” – she said.

i saw 2 out of like 20+.
i was.
mostly black wolves with snow bunnies.
as soon as the wolf saw us,
he would get a nervous look on his face.
some of the snow bunnies did as well.
now we didn’t do this:

look at this sell out right here.”

i mean look at this shit…

“you see us looking at ya’ll.”

there is a difference between “self hate” vs “dating”.
maybe there isn’t anymore black vixens for those wolves to date?
i don’t know…
well brad and justin made a video to share:


lowkey: check out more pics of justin…

the last two snow bunnies are thicc af.
that’s all i got.

justin rabon pictures cc: instagram

article: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “The Two Pre-Baller Wolves Come Out Over In A Place Called Minnesota”

  1. I am sooo sick and tired of seeing this! Is it at all possible for black males in sports, entertainment, politics or any other public forum to PLEASE… date other black men?

    WHY is it that it seems only the thousands of black men on ground level are the ones dating and dealing with other black men.

    You would think from watching television and surfing the internet that we are ALL snow bunnies, and that is far from the truth.

    1. Allow me to chime in here Brent. There are slim pickings as it is when it comes to quality men.
      I love my black brothas too, but if they are not willing to reciprocate the love I’m willing to give, I will look elsewhere. Don’t limit your dating options, there is a strong possibility your prince charming will be named Chad and not Raheem.

      1. my dude is BLACK. we have been together 8 years and I would NEVER trade him for any of the Chad’s, Gunner’s or Benjamin’s. eww…

      2. ^^^100% agree. All these complaints about not being with someone outside of your race but where were these same people when one was looking for someone inside of their race? You right about that last line too, people always swear they can predict the future soooo why didn’t anyone warn us about the cheeto in a toupee if they know who they’re spending the rest of their lives with? 🤦😂

    1. i agree they are a cute couple why all the hate I don not understand why not just be happy for them and let it go?

  2. I’m sorry but I fell out when I seen that crop top pictures but anyway this story is so boring it’s just like every coming out story. I mean just go be happy with your white rabbit .

  3. Sorry I dont trust any black person who surrounds themselves with people of other races exclusively.

    1. …because he might have a scholarship that places him at a predominantly white University??? Oh wait, I’m making assumptions, similar to what you’re doing by judging him off of a few pictures.

      Jesus, people actually do make friends outside of their race. Surprise, surprise, we’re all human. Shocking to think that hanging out with someone of a different race somehow diminishes your capacity to be trusted.
      I suppose a gay guy hanging out with heterosexuals can’t be trusted either.
      Or an american who spends all their time with Canadians.
      Because they are clearly traitors to their kind.

      Seriously tho, I hope your comment is some God-tier sarcasm. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not as backwards in thought is a card carrying Klansman.

      People need some worldview in their life.

  4. Here’s the issue….Let’s be honest. our homophobic, Christian, bible-thumping black families will never allow their MASCULINE black boys to come out as gay. It’s still shameful. PERIOD. It’s a black father’s nightmare. Justin is cool, but we knew he was gay the moment he strutted into the video. Where are the quality black gay men? At home, in front of the computer, reading this blog, alone, cause they lookin for options out of their league, but can’t put down the bag of cookies long enough to go to a gym. Trump is the least of our worries.

  5. …..furthermore, we look down on other black gays because they don’t look or talk like we do, or drive what we drive, or built of act a certain way. Who wants to but subject to all that?!? But you want quality black men? What are you bringing to the table, besides criticism and negativity?

    1. “What are you bringing to the table, besides criticism and negativity?”

      One could ask you the same thing after your little rant

  6. I love Black Men much too much to date out side, tried it once and got tired of explaining who we are. Never again. But I wish them well.

  7. Child i saw this on outsports (i dont even like outsports because I dont completely trust white gay sites like that & queerty nem but whatever) and they had 8234 articles on them & like 537 videos. … yeah they realllll thirsty 4 an exclusive. anyway, i sucked my teeth and moved on LOL. then i come across this on here.Why you doing this to me Jamari, lol. real talk I understand the dating pool is small in the gay community so ive become more open to dating outside, especially where i live in southern california (still no white folks for me tho, i just cant do it). BUT that stuff about transferring universities to b with ur boyfriend?? couldnt be me. I was a whole hoe n a half in college fr fr.

    and yes LMAO @ the crop top pic. he cute or whatever wit his crimson chin.

    at the end of the day my single ass just bitter. i doubt they will last bc most college couples dont but i wish them the best.

  8. Cute couple.

    There are thousands and thousands of black gay couples.I have seen three black gay couples post their proposals on my TL in the last week. Another black gay couple Dom and Nick from NY are getting married in July.I follow about 50 black gay male couples on IG. One has been together over 22 years, they created the web series DL Chronicles . another one has been together 20 years. Hashtag blackgay or black gay couples or black gay love There are thousands and thousands of couples.

    Most Black Gay Men are in relationships with Black Men. Just like over 80%of straight Black men are married to Black women. So
    I am puzzled why people focus on the exception not the rule or why you focus on “celebrities” rather then people in your everyday life .I bet most of the guys here have black partners or boyfriends just like most of the black guys I know, not all but most, have black significant others.

    It is so difficult to find someone who gets you, someone who you connect with physically, emotionally, spiritually that I am happy for anyone that finds that. So I am happy for these guys. #loveislove💓

    1. How about dropping some those IG handles of gay black couples because I need to see more of that in my TL

      1. @troystylez and @sjvegas5000 engaged
        @trey_pressley and siir__rome
        @riccardo_model and @beauty_kdash engaged
        @qlenear and @diotray together 22 years
        @reesesherman and @whtupferg
        @octaviusterry and @jamizzi together 10 years
        @geesmalls and @juan_smalls
        @wilkieferguson and @tommyhobson
        @mrkenbo and @mogulchavis
        @whipinc and @hoody_live
        @dynastyking215 and jamarwithanr

      2. @kordaleandkaleb
        @origfox and @klcarter
        @belizean_rio and his partner Mike together 8 years
        @therealdadsofnewyork I think they have been together 10 years they adopted a son last year.
        @steevevalbrun and @seanj1120 they have been together 20 years
        @seanon_er and @charlie_esqfit
        @michael.mann @tylerjacobmusic
        @jasonbolden and @adair_curtis
        @stevennorfleet and @shinybootz Anthony is an award winning director,he also directed Underground
        @_karim_yr and @kendrickyr

  9. Meh, I cant regulate what someone else likes or tell them they are wrong for it. It’s their life. I’m personally not attracted to white guys physically. Give me a Black or Latino man any day though. I also don’t believe that people who choose to date within and not outside of their race are limiting themselves either. Then again there are Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Asians and the like who are very attractive.

    I must say thought that those last two snow princesses have some nice looking bodies. Hotties.

  10. @ Jamari Fox I think you should start doing a daily feature on gay black couples because these other white owned gay sites don’t give a shit about black folks unless they’re hugged up on a white man

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