The Attentionistos Could As Well “Connectpal” the Sex Tapes Now

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.12.48 PMthe attentionistos are out here asking you to pay to see their peens.
they will sit up there,
straight flexing in a video,
asking you to pay some ridiculous amount.
connectpal is the new “hoe stroll”.
there is no more standing on a street corner,
flashing a little leg,
and hoping someone rich pulls over while avoiding the police.
most of the attentionistos are pulling out their laptops,
finding their best angles with the baby oil,
and making their peens do a little dance.
i’ve noticed something…

its always the attentionistos that are “done”

back then,
i use to know this wolf on myspace named “quinton storm”.
what a foreign word.
well he was an aspiring singer trying to make his big break.
well he came and went,
but i recently saw him cum down my tumblr timeline with this:


tumblr_inline_o2kwknc6WL1ru6ao6_500…and i nearly screamed.
okay i did scream.
it was a scream mix of the meat he is carrying,
but he is also now on connectpal selling his virtual services.
he could have done this long time ago,
but i guess it wouldn’t have put him in the spotlight as he is now.
this is what he wrote about it on his tumblr:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.44.59 PM

now george hill had a differnet rant on his snapchat yesterday.
he was going off on the amount of his followers who want to see his pipe.
he was wondering why they want to see it?
well george,
you showed up this:

…so i can see why they want the pipe in full “monty”.

tumblr_inline_o7ltfx6QLt1s7ksad_500he says he’ll show it for the price of 2,000 racks.
now he is saying this while some random wolf was sitting next to him in a car.
it was all very bizarre.

they all could as well get into porn.
they don’t have to fuck at some studio,
although that would pay their bills and keep them fed.
if they gonna be showing off the meat,
or the “peek a boo” bugle,
then they could as well be fuckin’ some hoe for connectpal money.

it’s better than being baited and having someone else charge for your meat

fuckin’ videos,
and especially good fuckin’ videos,
will have everyone paying an arm and a leg.
just know,
if they are wack sauce,
you will be on dwayne mckell territory.

IG6Utxno one wants to be there.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Should the attentionisto’s start uploading their sex tapes on Connectpal?

lowkey: at least ray j was smart about his.


“oh babyyyyy…
oh god ray j…”

videos credited: george hill | quinton storm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “The Attentionistos Could As Well “Connectpal” the Sex Tapes Now”

  1. I have no problem with people having connect pal videos or upload xrated videos online as long as you keep it real why you’re doing it. I find that too many of these male attentionistos have this unwarrent ego that comes with doing this.

    You’re doing this because you have a hot body, big dick, nice ass and you like the attention . Lets call a spade a spade ♠

    I think George knows that once he shows the peen the allure he has will start to fade. He’s not fucking in this videos or Jacking it so he has to keep the mystic up for as long as he can.

    1. Exactly this! I have been saying literally everything that you just said for years. Let’s be honest, this dude just wanted to address the obvious questions that would float around about it (for those who care). Because what’s the best way (in their mind) to get back the ppl’s attention after they’ve forgotten about you? Nudes! It works for all the celebrities, and you know you look better than most of those leaks. Like they say sex sells and if they’ve got the look that they want then they’re going to try and make some money off of it.

      And I’ve always believed the same thing about Mr. Hill. I have seen baiters literally cuss him out and call him a bitch just because he hasn’t sent them nudes. But I do give him that he does know to at least draw out the attention. Like you said once the D is shown, it’s game over and your 15 minutes is up. He’s milking this for as long as he can. But $2K is a very low price imo, especially for a rather well-known attentionisto.

    2. If he asking for $2K…there’s more coming with it than a peen shot! You’ll get to play with that bad boy. LOL

  2. I personally can’t stand teases. Eggplants and crack shots are rather annoying to me than a turn-on. If I am gonna pay for something, show me everything. Connectpal is a great resource to let your inhibitions flow but if you just gonna do stuff that I can also find on IG or YT with no problem and for free, you’re wasting my money.

  3. As a self admitted Tumblr addict, (I will get the help I need one day, but until that day dont judge lol) I have seen this Quinton dude but had no idea he had another career outside of being an Attentionista, and he does push that connect pal link like Ike pushed Tina back in the day. I guess these bills aint gone pay themselves.

    In a funny twist with social media, once snapchat came along and IG started doing videos, instead of boosting the Attentionista’s profile, it actually hurt them. When you see them in living color, you start to realize how yes they have nice bodies and are cute, but their personalities are lame AF and you see that without their new found internet fame, they would be nobodies in real life. Most were probably lame in school and have used their gym memberships to reinvent themselves. Also as someone like me who has also reinvented their body, I am no longer impressed, I realize with hard work any of us can look like our favorite Attentionista. I have had a couple of dudes featured on the foxhole like some of my social media pics, so any given day a new star is born especially those willing to show peen and booty and do it a little more raunchy than the next dude.

    Im not mad for the connect pal route at least they cut the middle man out and have the potential to make more money for themselves in the short period that they will be hot. Seriously, I have thought about subscribing to a few of them my damn self, most of them cost less for a whole month than one DVD porn rental. These new random dudes who are using connectpal have changed the game, hell social media done changed the game when you have established male stars all now doing thirsttraps like The Game, Tyson Beckford and Keith Carlos just to name a few and the others like George Hill and trainer Chris Smith who do endless teases all have to know that it is the men checking for them and not the females. You have some random everyday internet dudes who are just as popular as these leading men.

    George Hill got his subscribers mad for not showing the peen, but seeing George on Snapchat has truly taken the shine out of my eyes, he is WACK and its no shade but he just need to realize that the Rap career aint what that is for him. Maybe his connect pal is funding his music career.

    I have noticed that many of these dudes are straight up assholes who have these nice bodies or big peens who have thousands of followers and they start talking to the fans like they shit dont stink. I have un-followed so many of them with their bragging ways. You can tell many lack any type of education and will be stuck out when the looks fade.

    1. ^omg george hill is lowkey corny.
      he should have never have been so active on snapchat.
      you can tell his whole life story just off his snaps.
      there are others that are completely boring.
      they just get up,
      play with their pets,
      and go to sleep.

      the more revealing social media is becoming,
      the more it shows the wackness at higher levels.
      even celebrities are boring because of snapchat and other behind the scenes apps.

    2. ^LMAO. It’s like once they open their mouths you’re like ok, keep your mouth shut and just keep taking pics! Some of them seem like nice guys, and others are just so damn ignant (not ignorant).

    3. I had to come out of lurk mode because this is so true!!!!!! George Hill turned me off because of his snapchat. He is a broke dusty nigga. There is another one named Renny or Lenny. He is a big tall muscular guy and only took pictures on Instagram. His snapchat is him lipsyncing to girl songs, making faces, and moving his face OVER AND OVER!!! He is a cornball to the highest!!! Baggy Large is an asshole but he isn’t as bad.

      1. @LP you’re preaching to the choir here! Baggy Large gives me Grade A fuck-boy tease!! Lol! He made a video telling “jealous insecure dudes” to stop telling their girlfriends to block him on insta *dies*

        Social media really gets some people’s head it’s hilarious. These boys & girls are just one IG hacker away from being nonexistent. Pump your breaks & humble yourselves.

        I usually don’t even go off like this lol but it’s just funny when you see these attention-whores showing out and people start noticing

    4. I been saying this lol.. Y’all need to stop putting these boys on a pedestal. You legit find the same types (if not better) at your local gym.

      These guys are no different that these “build a body” bitches all over instagram with 50 pounds of cake faced makeup, 30 inch weave and some fake ass “flat tummy tea” in their hand. They all look alike. Only difference is, a lot of men disguise it as “fitness” or “musician/model” because it’s more convenient. Also it’s the women who make the most money fronting on IG because their clients overseas (dubai) do not play when it comes to the coins. The guys are just funny to me.

      Many of these guys should never speak because it fucks everything up for them. As harsh as it is but there’s people in this world who should just be seen not heard. Especially when you possess low level of intellect and common sense. These dudes are playing themselves.

  4. Heat pushes his Connectpal site A LOT. Is he thirsty or smart? Truth be told, how many times can you watch someone jerk off?!
    Once he showed the dick…the mystique for me was gone. Once he started dropping the jerk off vids, it became a turn-off. He’s handsome…but he played himself. And like someone else mentioned, these dudes know it’s dudes looking at their stuff more than the females.

    1. Yeah once your penis is out there we pretty much don’t have anything else to see. They’d bring more followers in if they were fully dressed at this point. Kim K syndrome. Stripping nude when we’ve seen what you hoo-ha looks like.

      And yes they do. I bet most of their paying customers are men. Women typically usually get turned off by self-obsessed men since many women have that traditional mindset of receiving attention from a man. So these guys need to stop playing themselves.

  5. I respect that this is your blog…BUT I really wish you would STOP giving this nigga life. He has proven a million times over how lame he is. Nobody has been checking for him in years because of the Derek Tramels, steven becks, Marvilla etc. At least those guys respect their fan base and know who is helping them pay bills. This nigga has the nerve to hate gays but turn around and ask them to help pay rent. I hate attentionistos that do that….and also don’t like the GAYS who still give them life. I would not pay to see dick. You got tumblr for that! And If you get on Jackd I’m sure you can find another one of these niggas in your local gym, whiling to give you the D for a small fee.

    Long story short George Hill is a donkey. His career is dead. Let him RIP

      1. yeah..didn’t he release a video a few weeks back saying he’s not a homophobe and enjoys his gay fan base?!

    1. @Flyfoxx my sentiments exactly!! I don’t recall him saying he likes his gay fans. He just claimed he isn’t homophobic after somebody called him out. He made a video a month ago calling his friend a fag LMAO
      But that’s none of my business anyway

      Nonetheless I just take any of these boys seriously I can’t

  6. I would lay serious pipe on George Hill. And I don’t mind his teasing nor do I knock his hustle.
    He has a college degree and the good looks to keep people talking so he must be doing it right.

  7. Sorry, I’ve never been into the broke and desperate.

    Why in the hell would I pay to see what someone will eventually put on tumblr for free?

    Gays put these dudes on a pedestal and all things considered, they’re basic. You can go to any gym or straight club and find dudes just as attractive that have some dignity and mystery left lol

    I just keep wondering is that little bit of chump change worth someone always seeing your nudes during every background check for the rest of your life?

  8. LOL. I would never pay to see any videos when I can get porn for free everyday. I do not care who it is.

    How many of those in the foxhole have paid tho? Oh somebody has. They got that glimpse and put their card number in lol.

  9. In 2016 light skin, muscles and tatts are a dime a dozen. I myself have become so desensitized to it because you can pick up your phone and see a myriad of physical perfect, so I dont see the allure of paying these guys to see them give 20 sec teaser videos. In addition to that, the attention really has these dudes gassed up. They feel like they are celebrities for real when in actuality, its not your career or lack thereof, its not your talent or lack of it that has people attention. They wanna see you shake that dick. Ever notice the backgrounds of some of these vids? They are in the same rooms they grew up in, in their mammas basements or living room. Hence the desperate need for the money. George his lame attention whore from the ChI who missed his window of opportunity and now showing dick is that last resort that he is trying so hard to stretch out. As Ive said before, if its not sex tape you can miss me with it.

  10. I’m telling y’all that George is an avid reader of the Foxhole LMAO!!! I think he saw the last entry where folks were being shady because he made another recent “shower video” and captioned it “For the haters” , Kiiiiii, I died.
    Then he made that video about paying to see his junk not too long after folks were saying that he needs to do a “reveal” since he was getting redundant.

    When you think these boys are not reading, think again! After all I think you (Jamari) feature a lot of guys who aren’t featured anywhere else so you give a lot of them shine. When they google their name, your site pops up since they’re nobody special anyway. They need to be thanking you for the free publicity first since you bring on a lot of potential “clients” their way.

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