George Hill: Dancing In The Dark?

remember when george hill was “that attentionisto”?
remember he was the one everyone wanted to fuck?
well i saw the latest on my tumblr feed and…
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Ya’ll Not Liking George Hill Stuff and He Getting Mad

when you are trying to “make it” as a star,
that particular path is never easy.
until your name is in lights,
and you’re getting respect from the movers and shakers,
you’ll be treated like a second class citizen.
ask anyone in hollywood.
even the nerds of the successful forests went through it.
george hill is mad you don’t like his rapping stuff.
an f-bi sent me the alert to yet another rant.
┬áhe is realizing his follower count don’t add up to his likes.
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George Hill Finally Comes Out With It

everyone wants to be a rapper wolf...
so george hill finally releases what he has been working on!
not a jack off scene for connectpal.
george released his new song on itunes today.
it’s called “my city” and here is a snippet…
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George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander

which one of ya’ll pissed georgie off?
one thing about my favorite vix-bi,
when she brings me a story,
she gives me the full details on details.
when steven beck gets nasty comments on his ig,
he simply ignores and deletes them.
like other attentionistos,
you can get george hill riled up pretty quickly.
so when he posted his picture with beck and himself,
it brought out some negativity.
george decided to screen shot and clapback for us to see…
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All Attentiontistos Do Hang Tough

i’d like to think there’s levels to the attentionisto game.
on a level of steven beck’s caliber,
he would only hang with those that are similar to him.
well he met up with another popular attentionisto in la.
a vix-bi just alerted me on the recent ig update and well…
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George Hill Has “Finally” Pipe Leakage? (Do You Care?)

tumblr_ogmq7syvfa1vwtmfoo1_400so all the foxhole has been blowing me up about this.
george hill finally showed his whole pipe.
i mean,
it’s about time,
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