George Hill Finally Comes Out With It

everyone wants to be a rapper wolf...
so george hill finally releases what he has been working on!
not a jack off scene for connectpal.
george released his new song on itunes today.
it’s called “my city” and here is a snippet…

maybe he dropped a teaser doing this:

or this:

so my thoughts…

when trendy artists tries their hands at music,
they always do what “everyone else is doing”.
it works and is usually a quick sell.
if it doesn’t,
then it’s broken dreams and bitter words.
the problem is,
like with most trends when they die,
the trendy artist dies along with it.
unless they can create enough scandals and sell stories,
they are cancelled.

george hill is a trendy artist.
he is also very safe.
he isn’t like his other attentionisto counterparts.
his song sounds like another trap/overly auto tuned “whatever”.
he isn’t going hard on the track.
he isn’t talking about his struggles or something meaningful.
it’s some forgettable song that we won’t remember him for.
like these:

i don’t either.
if george hill wants to sell,
he needs to either:

a) cater to female audiences like ll (doin’ it, backseat, hey lover)
b) have a scandal that pushes his name into the spotlight
c) free connectpal subscriptions with every purchase

no one really cares about george hill’s auto tuned music.
unless he can do something that creates buzz and interest,
this will stay at #12,000 on the itunes charts.
the same place the macarana and sisqo’s greatest hits are currently sitting.

Am I wrong?

it’s tough love george.
your followers will kiss your tail.
jamari fox and the foxhole will tell you the truth.
we are known for that in these neck of the woods.
i was expecting something amazing with how long this took.
i’m not impressed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “George Hill Finally Comes Out With It”

  1. It wasn’t too bad but it did sound like everything else out. Maybe he should try going at it a little differently.

  2. Clearly he is going to bank on his good looks to push this Bullshit, everything is so bad on Urban Radio these days so it is in the realm of possibility that he can push this single. To think he was on IG and Snapchat acting like he was creating some masterpiece with this project. He is a good hype man at least. The irony is he is probably going to have to give up some of that Yella meat to get put on. We live in such a trashy world full of uneducated people that he may actually end up being a star. Social media can push artist these days to be able to make a good living, even mediocre artist like George. I guess every pineapple needs a dream and I am sure when people have gassed your head up from you being attractive and you feel that you have actual talent, of course you are going to try to end up doing something in the entertainment field. I guess real talent is so relative this days and so many others have made money off of Fuckery and Foolishness that he might as well through his hat in the ring. My review is “Return To Sender”

  3. *sips tea* Chile, you remember that Asian dude, Williams Hung, that sang “She bangs” on American Idol? Yeah, he outsold more albums than George Hill.

  4. If he’s not showing a full unfiltered view of that hairy booty hole then I’m not interested.. Sorry George but you are just a THOT in my eyes. I want to lay pipe on you, I don’t want to hear you.

  5. Some people should just stay doing what they do…in his case lookin’ pretty. Not everyone is meant to be an music artist or rapper. I give him an A for effort, but the music is just…blah.

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