Trump Books A Willing Negro Child To Tap Dance For Him?

so it’s happening in a few days.
matter a fact.
donald trump will be sworn in as our new president.
that means you or i can try out for the gig.
clearly the standards have lowered.
well the talk has been about who will headline the festivities.
ya’ll damn near scared jennifer holiday back into irrelevancy.
sadly another negro vixen child has allegedly taken the gig.

chrisette michele is on schedule to perform.

to think…
i was just listening to “epiphany” too.
she even got quest love willing to pay her not to do it.
if she steps on that stage,
she could as well say goodbye to a career that was already shaky.
now i like her and i love her voice.
i bought her very first album.
i can make room for someone else tho.
i wonder what snoop gonna say about her in his roasting?
remember he said this:

so i had to ask the foxhole…

Is it wrong for a black artist to perform for Trump?

i feel it’s just not a good look.

lowkey: maybe she did this for some kind of scandal?
she isn’t really doing it,
but she had her team start the rumor to drum up interest?

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Trump Books A Willing Negro Child To Tap Dance For Him?

  1. I think the question we’re apl tapdancing around is is it okay for someone to forsake their morals for a copious amount of money? You said that she may not be doing well career wise, so she may need the money. It’s still very last minute tho to book her, seeing how Ameikka’s doomsday is this Friday.

  2. I hope its a stunt. I’ll applaud her if she backs out at the last minute and fools everyone on social media. Now that I would laugh!! And may she’ll “Be Ok”

  3. My heart broke when I heard this. I love her. I listen to hear music damn near monthly. If she doesn’t back out then I can not support her.

  4. I really don’t know how to feel about it because I think it’s easy for us to judge but I’m not someone who is trying to go off of my dreams of acting or singing and not getting the fruits of my labor return back to me . I’m not saying that I want her or Jennifer Holliday to perform but I got to keep in mind that they’re not big artist and their music doesn’t get played on the radio. I remember when she signed on to do the R&B diva show and everyone was shocked that she did it.

    I’m pretty sure that the money if this is true is the driving force behind this decision.

    1. Travis Green, the gospel artist, who is performing with her told TMZ Live that he is not getting paid to perform at inaugural.He said he prayed about it and thought it was an honor to use his gift to unite the country.Basically he said it is what Jesus would do.( I am paraphrasing but his interview with TMZ is probably online.He definitely said he is not getting paid anything,not a cent.

  5. I want her to get up there and stop the music of whatever trash he wants her to sing. Then start singing something really rooted in black culture. And then pull out a back up mic when they cut her mic off and sing louder “Young! Gifted and Black!!” In a gown with a train that turns into black green and gold. Trump would have Sandman (or Steve Harvey) drag her off with a big cane. Lmao.

  6. Spike Lee posted on his IG that he was planning on using her song on his new Netflix show but not anymore.Oh Well I am sure Trump will hook her up with some work after the Inaguration.He has many friends in the music industry.They won’t perform at his balls but they are his “friends”. I believe him because he “tweeted” it.😂

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