George Hill Finally Comes Out With It

everyone wants to be a rapper wolf...
so george hill finally releases what he has been working on!
not a jack off scene for connectpal.
george released his new song on itunes today.
it’s called “my city” and here is a snippet…
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I’d Sell My Soul For The Nearest Camera

You ever stop to wonder what happens
to these Wolves/Foxes/Hybrids/and Vixens once they fall off?

You know, the ones who are steadily trying to be online stars.
The ones who think they can rap good because they look good.
The ones who think because they got over 10,000 followers,
that they made it in life.

Is everyone trying to be a star?

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I Am In Tears (Faded?)

I did this for the Fox who sent me an email.
He wanted me to throw this up as an entry.
I was not going to, but I felt everyone needed a laugh this early morning.

Ya know…
I have been in and out of studios for the last couple weeks.
I know some people who can hook me up with a hot track if I wanted.
You don’t see me getting my ass on the mic though.
I be TEMPTED to drop a hot 1, 2 for ya’ll asses.
But, the world does not need to hear my classically trained voice.


This right here…
Is a hot fucking mess…

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